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NBA Rumors: 5 Teams That Should Land The Morris Twins This Offseason

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Morris twins have come a long way since entering the league in 2011. They were both seen as a couple of hardnosed defenders with limited upside in the offensive end of the floor. Needless to say, they've both worked on their flaws and have become valuable assets for their teams.

Marcus Morris took a major step forward this season as an offensive threat. He's a great slasher and has vastly improved his shooting as well. Markieff, on the other hand, does most of his damage from within close range and is great in the pick-and-roll.

Obviously, that means both of them are going to draw a lot of interest in the upcoming market, as there's a shortage of players with their skillset: tough, physical wing stoppers that can knock down threes and play both forward spots or even some small-ball center.

Also, we can't ignore the fact that they're as close as it gets, so they would love to have the chance to team up again, something that hasn't happened since their tenure with the Phoenix Suns. Therefore, which team could pull off the 2-for-1 and sign both Morris twins next summer? Who needs them the most? Let's break it down:

Boston Celtics

Marcus Morris already knows what it's like to play under Brad Stevens. He averaged over 13 points per game in two seasons at the TD Garden and played 27.4 minutes per game for them thanks to his toughness and physical presence in the paint.

The Celtics only have Jayson Tatum at power forward right now, as Daniel Theis spends most of his minutes at the five. Bringin in the Morris twins will provide them a much-needed punch in the frontcourt with two guys that just won't be bullied around the rim.

Moreover, the Celtics already have some solid wing stoppers in Tatum, Marcus Smart, and Jaylen Brown, but adding the Morris twins would give them the chance to go small with five players that can play solid defense and knock down threes.

Miami Heat

Pat Riley and the Miami Heat have quietly put together a strong, hard-nosed and competitive squad full of alpha dogs. Nobody thought they'd be so high in the standings at this point of the season, but their character and skills have meshed altogether pretty nicely.

So, with physical players like Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo already thriving out there, adding the Morris twins would make the Heat an even more intimidating team, and Erik Spoelstra would do wonders in the defensive end with that kind of versatility.

They're a couple of pieces away from Championship contending, so they're worth the look for sure. Obviously, there's a bit of a logjam in the forward spot at Miami, with Jae Crowder and Andre Iguodala also getting minutes, so they would have to find the way to make room for the Morris twins.

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are going to be back at full strength next season, which means free agents are going to be lining up to join them. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, and a potential top-5 pick on the same roster? That's a Championship contender right there.

Also, just imagine Draymond Green and the Morris twins side by side. They would literally do everything to protect the Splash Brothers and Wiggins night in and night out. Perhaps, they could even spare some of Green's technical fouls.

On a more serious note, the Morris twins would be a perfect fit for Steve Kerr's system. They can knock down shots, rebound at a high clip, and hold their own vs. bigger opposition. They could spend a lot of time playing as their small-ball centers.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers are likely to lose Montrezl Harrell to free agency next summer. They already have Marcus Morris until the end of the season, so perhaps he could pitch his brother Markieff and convince him to replace Harrell on the team.

Should they get both Morris twins, Doc Rivers would have something like the new Bad Boys on his squad for sure. We're talking about Patrick Beverley, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, Joakim Noah, and JaMychall Green. It doesn't get more physical than that.

The Los Angeles Clippers already have a Championship team on their hands, but their title window could close quickly due to George's and Leonard's contracts. Thus, they better make the most of this roster while they still can and find them more help in the offseason.

Los Angeles Lakers

And finally, we find the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers already brought Markieff around, so he could also try and convince his brother to join the boat. Actually, they really need some tough defenders that could take some pressure off of Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

Dwight Howard has done an outstanding job for the Lakers but he's not playing enough minutes to be a reliable source of defense night in and night out. Also, both Morris twins would be an upgrade over Kyle Kuzma in terms of getting stops.

The Lakers have proven to be one of the best teams in the world this season but they've lacked toughness at times, especially vs. Championship contenders. You could argue they need more playmaking and shooting, but the Morris twins could also boost their chances.


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