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NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant And Anthony Davis Could Form A Superteam With LeBron James

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

It looks like LeBron James has finally found a way to turn things around for the Los Angeles Lakers, as the team is currently going through a 4 game winning streak after a sloppy start of the season.

Even so, it looks like the Lakers still need to add more firepower come summer 2019.

Rim protection was a huge issue early on for Luke Walton’s team, so names of the likes of Anthony Davis definitely pop in mind right away, although that’s not going to be easy.

Moreover, if you’ve been paying attention to the league lately, you know that there’s another top-tier rim protector that’s going to be available in the summer: Kevin Durant.

After all the drama surrounding Durant and Draymond Green, even an unnamed Warriors player stated that there’s simply no way that Durant is coming back next season after what was said in the locker room.

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So, let’s go step by step here. First, landing Durant would be a piece of cake for the Lakers, a team with such a great winning culture, that has the cap space to get him, that has LeBron as their leader, and that could provide the perfect scenario for Durant to get revenge at the Warriors, and we know loyalty isn’t his forte.

Also, according to Jarrett Jack, there’s a huge possibility that he wants to join LeBron next summer, and let’s all remember that Jack was the first guy KD called when he decided to join the Warriors.

On the other hand, the Pelicans aren’t going to be competing any time soon, even despite Davis’ huge efforts. That being said, let’s remember he’s going to be a free agent in 2020 and is a lock to walk away for free unless they trade him prior to that date.

Los Angeles has a young core and the kind of assets every team would love to trade for, as they’re all unproven talents with such a high ceiling that would be worth the risk.

Lonzo, Ingram, Kuzma, Hart; a trade package surrounding 2 or 3 of those young men could be more than enough to land the Brow.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Kevin Durant, that’s scary.

Yes, you heard me correctly. The King, Durantula and The Brow all playing for the same team. That is what could potentially happen next summer if things go well. Currently, Durant will be a free agent next summer and with all this tension surrounding Golden State, it’s looking more and more like he will leave the Warriors next summer.

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Anthony Davis will be in the last year of his contract next summer and it looks like the New Orleans Pelicans aren’t going to be a contending team anytime soon. The likelihood of Davis leaving for nothing is free agency in 2020 is increasing every day.

We already reported that Lakers want to land Anthony Davis as soon as possible and the 3 best ways how they can the best big man in the NBA.

Picture this; the Lakers have enough cap space to sign Kevin Durant next summer. They also have enough young assets to possibly get Anthony Davis from the Pelicans. With Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart on their roster that is a lot of potential trade value if the Lakers want to go after Davis.

Should this scenario come to fruition then pencil in the next few titles for the Lakers and say goodbye to the Golden State Warriors (and the rest of the league for that matter).