NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Create A Powerful Team With LaMarcus Aldridge And Andre Drummond

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NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Create A Powerful Team With LaMarcus Aldridge And Andre Drummond

The Miami Heat received plenty of criticism during the first part of the season due to their inability to replicate what they did last season in the infamous Orlando bubble. The Floridian team made it all the way to the Finals, surprising everybody.

In the end, they couldn’t do the job against the inspired Los Angeles Lakers that beat them in six games regardless of all the effort that Jimmy Butler put in to overcome the purple and gold in the biggest series of all. They have recovered their level and are ready to compete in the East, more so after they landed a big player in Victor Oladipo from the Houston Rockets before the trade deadline.

Now, they aren’t done and the Heat could land one or two more players that will lift their level in the Eastern Conference and the entire league. The buyout market is stacked this season and the Heat could take advantage of that to complete their case as one of the favorite teams to play in the Finals this campaign.

Last year, they went to the Finals, and now they added Oladipo, Bjelica. They are the favorites to acquire LaMarcus Aldridge, too, and if they manage to add Andre Drummond, they would be getting two interesting big men that would take their game to the next level. That said, today we’re trying to explain why the Heat should go for these two players in the upcoming days.

Pat Riley Could Create A Superteam Once Again

Pat Riley has been one of the best architects in the NBA for quite some time now. He knows a thing or two about super teams after having great players on his teams both as a coach and executive. Back in 2010, he pulled off one of the best moves in the Heat’s history when he teamed up LeBron James and Dwyane Wade with Chris Bosh.

Something similar could happen this season; they already have a Big 3 with Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and newcomer Victor Oladipo. Landing Drummond and Aldridge or at least one of them would give them the size and the depth they need to make a run at the Finals.

Miami Heat Will Have Size And Depth

As stated above, adding these two players, they will have the size to beat the Lakers and the Clippers, two of the biggest favorites to come out of the Western Conference and play in the Finals this season. In the East, they will have two players to go against Joel Embiid in the Philadelphia 76ers, as well as the bigs on the Milwaukee Bucks.

The thing here is, that they will probably have to overcome the Nets on their way to the Finals and that is going to be a big challenge. However, the size could be a big factor for the Heat, as well as their depth. This team has a long roster and that is always an advantage in the postseason.

The Heat Will Become Favorites For The 2021 NBA Finals

With all these factors together, this team will be almost unbeatable on their way to the Finals. If they get past the Nets in the East, the Lakers, Clippers, Jazz, Suns, or even the Nuggets could be waiting for them in the Finals.

Other than Anthony Davis and Nikola Jokic, Drummond and Aldridge can go against any big man they face on the court, even Rudy Gobert. These are two additions that will give an edge to Miami and given the fact that they seem to be ready to land Aldridge, if they also add Drummond, this team will be ready to have an easy path to the Finals.


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