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NBA Trade Rumors 2016/17: DeMarcus Cousins to Raptors, John Wall to Knicks and Rudy Gay to Rockets

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Get ready cause here they come! Every year it’s exciting to see what trades will occur between teams during the regular season in order for each time to maximize the potential in their rosters. Wanna know what the best part is? We get to lie in wait for these trades to happen up until February (All trades must be finalized before the All-Star Break)! Without further adieu, here are the rumors for this upcoming active-season trades:

John Wall (WSH - PG) to New York Knicks

We’ve all heard the buzz about the Wizards backcourt this offseason. Specifically, about how John Wall has been subtly ‘dissing’ Bradley Beal after his contract negotiations. Even more specifically, how John Wall expects Beal to “play like an all-star” after receiving such a huge amount. This, in consideration with the interview about their poor on-court chemistry this situation pretty much does everything but scream “conduct a trade” to Grunfeld (GM of the Wizards). Hypothetically, this situation could go away on it’s own. Wall and Beal could receive the equivalent of marriage counseling for NBA players and all could be hunky-dory at the start of the regular season. 

However, this could just as easily go bad. Up until the end of December, the Wizards are scheduled to go up against some real powerhouses as well as various wildcards and are predicted to be at an (injury/recovery/trade dependant for some teams) 7-13 record at the end of December which would leave them at 0.350 in the Eastern Conference. Far below the 0.500 they finished with last season. Wouldn’t be a surprise to see Grunfeld toss Wall to the Knicks in exchange for a Derrick Rose or Kristaps Porzingis. While I personally would not accept this trade if I were either of these teams, who am I to argue with dudes who do this for a living?

Rudy Gay (SAC - SF) to Houston Rockets

Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Oh, boy. Here’s the giant question mark circulating in NBA trade rumors for nearly the entire offseason, but whose expensive contract has turned off many teams from taking him in. It’s only a matter of time until a trade for this man occurs so what makes the active regular season a better time to trade for him? And why to the Rockets? Well, according to trade rumors the coach of the Rockets isn’t pleased with the outside shooting he’s seen from his players (outside of Harden, of course). Specifically, with Trevor Ariza

He believes that Ariza is far too inconsistent with his shot and a trade for Rudy Gay really would change things for the Rockets. They’d get an inside and outside threat, along with someone other than Harden who can actually get the ball to the bottom of the basket and the first couple of games with the Kings, gives Rudy the chance to ‘wow’ possible spectators interested in trading for him. This begs the question, what would the Kings get out of this deal? Well, I can’t really see where they’d win here other than getting rid of Gay’s expensive contract.

Demarcus Cousins (SAC - C) to Toronto Raptors

DeMarcus Cousins

Everyone seems to want to leech from any success the Kings have in selecting excellent players. We’ve all at least heard of the speculation that the Cavaliers would want to trade Kevin Love for Demarcus Cousins to make themselves an even more unbeatable super team, but the Cavaliers basically crushed all those rumors by saying they’re not interested in trading Love. 

Well, what if I told you the Cavaliers wasn’t the only team interested in the big man? Obviously, a lot of teams have had their eye on Boogie for a while now, but few can actually afford to trade for him. One of the teams that actually can are none other than, the second seed in the Eastern Conference, the Toronto Raptors. Yes, you heard me right. This trade would make or break the Raptors for so many reasons. As annoying as 2K makes it seem, team chemistry is a very important thing and, personally, I don’t see how well I see DeRozan and Lowry playing with Cousins.

In exchange for Boogie, the Raptors would have to give up Jonas Valanciunas, Norman Powell and Cory Joseph. Meaning, Cousins would have to take on the role that Valanciunas had on the Raptors, which equates to taking 5-7 shots a game on most occasions. Something I see very difficult for Boogie to do. On the other side, this trade would be a huge win for the Kings. They can begin to stabilize their organization by adding a lot of raw talent to their roster. Both Joseph and Powell would make excellent off-the-bench options at their respective positions and Valanciunas, a big man who can take charge when you need him to, would, of course, draw the start.