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New York Knicks Can Make A Superteam Even Without Zion Williamson

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The New York Knicks are sick and tired of being among the bottom teams in the league and are bound to be one of the most aggressive teams in the summer in order to go back to Championship contention.

They have a lot of cap space and can make a run at 2 superstars in free agency, but they know that’s not enough to win a Championship nowadays considering how strong other Eastern Conference teams have become.

Still, we can rest assure that the Knicks are going to be a much better team ahead of next season, and a great coach like David Fizdale will be more than capable of taking them a step forward.

But, how can they go from a mediocre team to a Championship contender in the blink of an eye? Let’s walk you through it:

3. The Blockbuster Trade

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The New York Knicks were reportedly interested in trading the 1st overall pick away if they got it in the lottery, and even though that wasn’t the case, they could still use their 3rd overall pick to try and get Anthony Davis.

Obviously, the talent gap between 1 and 3 is remarkable, so they’d have to pair it with Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina, and Mitchell Robinson in order to convince David Griffin to send Davis away, but it would be totally worth it.

2. Kyrie Irving

(via The Sporting News)

(via The Sporting News)

Kyrie Irving is bound to make a move out of the Boston Celtics in the summer, and while some may think he’ll end up with the Clippers or Celtics, we just don’t see him going to a Western Conference team as he looks to win another Championship.

Irving was raised in New Jersey and has been tied with a move to the Knicks earlier on his career, and signing him could even help them use Dennis Smith Jr as a trade chip to try and get more role players or some picks back.

1. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant NBA 21312

And obviously, Kevin Durant would be the cherry on top of the sundae for the New York Knicks. According to most insiders, he’s a lock to leave the Golden State Warriors and take his talents to the Madison Square Garden.

A big 3 of Durant, Irving, and Davis would be pretty much unstoppable, even for the Warriors. This team would go on to completely dominate the league in ways we’ve never seen before, and Knicks fans have already suffered enough, so hopefully, they’ll pull this off.


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