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Numbers Reveal That Brandon Ingram Might Not Fit Well With LeBron James


The Los Angeles Lakers have to realize one very important thing about LeBron James: not every player works well with him.

The King is the best player on the planet, and often gets credit for making the game easier for his teammates. Additionally, he is a ball dominant player that thrives best when he has complete control over the offense. He's either calling the plays or sitting on the bench. There's very little in-between.

For a guy like Brandon Ingram, how does he fit into the fold?

If we are to believe the numbers, not very well.

Credit: ESPN

Credit: ESPN

B.I. is seeing significant statistical drops in points per 36 minutes, assists per 36 minutes, field goal percentage, and net efficiency when he is on the floor with LeBron. In other words, he's a dramatically better player during the times when he's not on the court with James.

It shows when you watch the Lakers play, too. When both LeBron and Ingram are active together, the young star is often seen awkwardly standing in a corner ball-watching.

And when he does get the ball, it's mostly on catch-and-shoot opportunities, where Ingram doesn't necessarily excel. He seems out of place.

Bottom line is, something is off between these two. Consequently, with a record of 11-9, it might be one of the reasons the team has not performed well.

Which means unless Ingram changes his game, the Lakers will have to make a move. No doubt, after holding him tightly the past two seasons, it won't be something the team does without a heavy heart. After all, he was seen as their next franchise superstar.

But when LeBron came to town, things changed for the Lakers. It's The King's world now. If these stats are truly telling the whole story here, then Brandon Ingram's time in Los Angeles may really be coming to an end.