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One Player Every NBA Team Should Trade Before the Deadline

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

As the NBA Trade Deadline approaches, the rumors of where different players will be heading to are lukewarm right now but in the very near future will be flaming hot.

It’s inevitable that certain players will be traded, and rest assured NBA GM’s are already discussing the many possibilities that could occur within the next 2 months.

So we are going to take a look at one player every team should seriously consider moving before the deadline. Whether it be because of contracts, regression in play, or a multitude of other reasons, there are a plethora of opportunities for these teams to jump at as we approach the deadline and we are going to take a deep dive into these opportunities.

Eastern Conference

Atlanta Hawks

Kent Bazemore

The market for Bazemore will be interesting, and at this point, I wouldn’t be shocked it Atlanta just kept him.

But he does have value, and I especially liked how he looked on the floor in December with 16/4/4 averages. If this play had continued until now a multitude of teams would likely be calling.

But going forward, the Hawks are looking to get younger and getting rid of Bazemore helps them do that.

Boston Celtics

Terry Rozier

Rozier is likely not going to be a Celtic next year, but he has the clutch gene and we saw that last year in the playoffs.

Honestly, if I were the Celtics I would keep Rozier for a playoff run, but if they were looking to trade him they just need to find the right assets, which could be a big question mark since Dallas was unable to do so for Dennis Smith Jr.

Brooklyn Nets

Allen Crabbe

Allen Crabbe has an interesting contract. Sub top 150 player being paid like a near-elite talent.

The talent is clearly there though, he might not be playing right now but he has helped Brooklyn win games this season. It’s just he has a player option for $19 million dollars next season to be the team’s highest paid player currently when in reality he’s probably their 9th best. That’s a problem.

He has talent though and if they can get rid of him then Brooklyn would likely look much nicer heading into 2020.

Charlotte Hornets

Nicolas Batum

I think Batum is still a solid talent. I have him in my top 120 currently it’s just the contract is an albatross. Charlotte is desperate to get rid of him though.

$27 million for Nicolas Batum in 2021 seems crazy (well it is really) but maybe with a better fit on the right team, his value could be increased because he still has a legitimately high basketball IQ and this shows when he is playing.

Chicago Bulls

Jabari Parker

Tank commander Jim Boylan has no love for Mr. Jabari, and the situation here with the Bulls is one of the most insane I’ve ever seen: simply benching a near top 100 talent just because.

He’s played some minutes the last couple of games, and with a team option for next year his contract could be an attractive option for a contender over the next couple of weeks.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Kevin Love

With how Love’s value has declined, it might be difficult for Cleveland to find a trade that would return valuable assets.

But possibly worth the risk for another team. I firmly believe Cleveland (despite the slow start even with Love) would likely be in the playoff mix still had he never gotten injured. A perfect combination of events happened which has caused his value to tank.

If a front office can look past all the negative and see a light at the end of the tunnel, this player is still a near All-Star talent with the style of game to thrive in his 30’s.

Detroit Pistons

Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson is a talented player who sometimes you feel like could do more. The athleticism is there and he’s fun to watch, but the efficiency hasn’t matched the excitement lately. He’s sort of like the older version of Dennis Smith Jr right now.

His contract does expire going into 2020, and if they can find the right team to move him to for better chemistry fit Detroit could look better going into the future.

Indiana Pacers

Cory Joseph

Cory Joseph is one of the more solid backup point guards in the league but is also on an expiring contract and the Pacers drafted Aaron Holiday for the future in this past year’s draft.

But as a 2nd string point guard, he is splendid and I think moving him for a wing like E’Twaun Moore of the Pelicans to shore up their wing depth could be a fantastic move for both teams.

Miami Heat

Hassan Whiteside

Whiteside is an enigma: shows ridiculous talent at times but also has a tendency to stay in the background at times. But the man clearly flashes ridiculous signs of upside still.

His contract expires in 2020 and he is a clear top 100 player so he could be easier to move than some of the other players on this list, and with Bam Adebayo emerging on the 2nd string unit now might be the right time to make a move.

Milwaukee Bucks

Tony Snell

Tony Snell averaged 7 PPG in the month of December and is shooting 50% from the field in January. He is a solid role player who is clearly helping a winning team, but the Bucks also have a log jam on the wing and moving him could be the right move.

Milwaukee is seriously contending for a Finals appearance this year, so a move like this that wouldn’t send a cannonball into the chemistry effect could be a great idea.

New York Knicks

Enes Kanter

New York is tanking for Zion, Enes probably wants out of New York, he’s also an expiring contract so his value could look great for a playoff contending team like Sacramento.

His game is a throwback to the ’90s, which is rare for that type of player to succeed in the NBA but Kanter is doing exactly that.

Orlando Magic

Nikola Vucevic

With Orlando drafting Mohamed Bamba last season, the franchise isn’t winning a championship ring this year. So I would say build on assets and continue to build around the core of Gordon/Isaac/Bamba.

Vucevic is in the midst of a breakout season, but it’s also his contract year and he was very inconsistent the year before. His value likely isn’t getting any higher than it is now so I believe this is the right time for Orlando to make a move.

Philadelphia 76ers

Markelle Fultz

The trade rumors with Fultz have been clear for a while now, and the saga of the former number 1 overall pick has been intriguing to watch.

There has been interest in him though, it’s just a matter of how Philly views him against how the rest of the league views Fultz.

Toronto Raptors

CJ Miles

CJ Miles is on a down year in Toronto, and he’s a player getting paid to score the ball in a shooting slump. On that note, I still think he’s a talented player and the Raptors have a chance to move him still.

He’s had a game or two lately where he’s looked solid and I still think he can be a nice scorer off the bench.

Washington Wizards

Otto Porter Jr

The OPJ off the bench experiment has worked well lately, and of all the players on this list, I think this one could be the most likely to move.

There has been clear interest in his talent and multiple teams would be willing to take him on. I currently have him as a top 95 overall player and he’s trending up, the Wizards should make a move now.

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Western Conference


Dennis Smith Jr

Dallas clearly isn’t interested in having DSJ long term at this point, yes the franchise has stated they want to keep him but that was just because the assets being offered weren’t what they thought.

But this is a player who was a lottery pick just last year with a ton of upside still, and another team willing to take him on will likely keep that in mind.

Denver Nuggets

Will Barton

Barton is a very talented player who is an odd chemistry fit since returning from injury now that the Nuggets have been successful without him.

They are fully in the mix during the Western Conference playoff hunt, and Barton was a top 75 overall player last year who hasn’t really regressed it’s just the state of the Nuggets has dramatically changed since his return from injury.

Golden State Warriors

Quinn Cook

Quinn Cook is a very skilled player who hasn’t gotten a lot of playing time for the Warriors lately. That could change with a trade.

Shaun Livingston is the clear 2nd string point guard for this playoff run, and Cook is an asset that the Warriors could use to shore up depth issues in the front court.

Houston Rockets

Brandon Knight

Sometimes, things just don’t work out.

That is the case with the contract of Brandon Knight. Of all the players on this list, he might be the most difficult to move. But if the franchise is willing to give up an unprotected 1st round pick (or maybe 2 of them) then that move could become a lot easier.

LA Clippers

Danilo Gallinari

Gallinari is having a breakout year at the age of 30, but the Clippers haven’t been playing as well right now as they were to start the season.

I see them going all in with Tobias Harris, and I feel like they could use Gallinari as trade bait to put better pieces around Harris as the franchise moves forward.

LA Lakers

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

The Lakers could be looking for whatever assets they can before the deadline to put LeBron and company in the position to be as prepared for the playoffs as they can be.

KCP looks like the most logical option to move. He’s only on a 1-year deal, and even if they can get an early 2nd round pick from his value that would probably be worth the risk.

Memphis Grizzlies

Marc Gasol

Gasol has been a centerpiece for the Grizzlies franchise for many years, but the team is on a rapid roller coaster to irrelevancy and now is probably the time to make a move.

I think they should keep Conley and get rid of Gasol, who would likely prefer to help a contending team anyways.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Jeff Teague

Teague is one of the more intriguing point guards in the NBA. Legitimately incredible court vision, but the team also has Derrick Rose and Tyus Jones.

He has value though, and if the Timberwolves find the right partner to make a move with the franchise should jump at the opportunity.

New Orleans Pelicans

Solomon Hill

Hill received a beautiful contract after an impressive playoff performance for Indiana in 2016, but the expectations he set by that outbreak of positivity has simply not been lived up too

He is a great teammate and has value as a solid wing defender, and his contract only runs through 2020. New Orleans needs to be making whatever moves they can to secure AD’s future with the team, and moving Hill would be a smart move if they find a team willing to take him on.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Patrick Patterson

Patterson is a veteran helping OKC on this splendid playoff run so far, but OKC could find a better fit.

He has increased his value from last season, and his contract is friendly for a veteran. Compared to some of the other players on this list moving him might not be as difficult.

Phoenix Suns

Dragan Bender

Bender is clearly defined as a bust right now, but I will say he’s not as bad as Jan Vesely was in the league.

The man can shoot at 7’1, and his performance vs. OKC last season will get him one more chance after this season alone. But, things are simply not working out in Phoenix and with his option not being picked up for 2019-2020 a team might be willing to take him off the Suns’ hands within the next 2 weeks.

Portland Trail Blazers

Evan Turner

I will say this about Turner: despite his contract, he’s a solid teammate, fun player to watch, and one of the best twitter handles to follow in all of the NBA.

With his role in Portland, he’s honestly played it well this season. Right now, whatever value he has it’s at the highest point it will likely be so if Portland can somehow get rid of his contract they should take the chance.

Sacramento Kings

Zach Randolph

Randolph has not played at all this season and he was informed this would be the case before it started.

Even as a veteran he was a top 200ish type player last season, and I still think he would be able to help a playoff team off the bench. He absolutely has value and Sacramento should move him.

San Antonio Spurs

Rudy Gay

No, not Rudy Gay man!

But his contract is expiring and as the Spurs have continued to sustain success even with the season-ending injury to DeJounte Murray, moving Rudy Gay for the right chemistry pieces might not be a bad move.

Utah Jazz

Derrick Favors

Favors is one of those “so overrated he’s actually underrated” type players. The man’s game might not be attractive but he gets the job done consistently night in and night out.

Utah has done better as of late, but Favors’ contract isn’t guaranteed for next season and he’s a top 100 talent so low key he has one of the best values of any player on this list. If Utah can find the right team to take him I say go for the opportunity.