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Only 9 Pairs Of Teammates Have Ever Recorded A Triple Double In The Same Game

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LeBron James and Lonzo Ball were apart of NBA history this week when they became the ninth pair of teammates to both score triple-doubles in the same game for the same team.

The pair accomplished the achievement in the Lakers 20-point win over the Hornets. The four-time MVP finished with an incredible 24 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists. LeBron’s new young teammate, Lonzo Ball, finished with 16 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists before he came off the court with a little over 6 minutes remaining.

The last time that this has happened in NBA history was over a decade ago now back in 2007 when Vince Carter and Jason Kidd dominated a match against the Washington Wizards.

It’s just the second time in Lakers history that two teammates have recorded a triple-double each. Two of the greatest Lakers players in the history of the game were a part of the first time two teammates had a triple-double in the same game back in 1982 against the Detroit Pistons.

In that very season, the Los Angeles Lakers won their eight NBA championship when they defeated the 76ers in the Finals four to two. It may be a stretch but for those that read into omens then maybe this a sign for what’s to come for this year’s LeBron James led Lakers side.

The Los Angeles Lakers have now moved up into the fourth spot in the Western Conference with 18 wins, only two wins behind the Denver Nuggets who sit on top. With the team winning the last seven out of ten games, there’s a huge possibility that the Lakers could do some real damage come the postseason if they can keep this form up.

Here is the list of the nine times that teammates have scored triple doubles together (including LeBron James and Lonzo Ball):

12/15/2018: Los Angeles Lakers @ Charlotte Hornets

Lebron James 24 points/12 rebounds/11 assists

Lonzo Ball 16 points/10 rebounds/10 assists

4/7/2007: Washington Wizards @ New Jersey Nets

Vince Carter 46 points/16 rebounds/10 assists

Jason Kidd 10 points/16 rebounds/18 assists

1/3/1989: Los Angeles Clippers @ Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan 41 points/10 rebounds/11 assists

Scottie Pippen 15 points/10 rebounds/12 assists

3/29/1987: Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics

Larry Bird 17 points/13 rebounds/12 assists

Robert Parrish 14 points/10 rebounds/10 assists

1/22/1982: Detroit Pistons @ Los Angeles Lakers

Magic Johnson 26 points/16 rebounds/12 assists

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 19 points/10 rebounds/10 blocks

3/12/1969: Seattle SuperSonics @ San Diego Rockets

Lenny Wilkens 36 points/14 rebounds/14 assists

Art Harris 14 points/10 rebounds/10 assists

3/14/1964: New York Knicks @ Detroit Pistons

Ray Scott 23 points/20 rebounds/11 assists

Donnie Butcher 19 points/15 rebounds/15 assists

1/18/1962: Cincinnati Royals @ Philadelphia Warriors

Oscar Robertson 28 points/14 rebounds/16 assists

Arlen Bockhorn 19 points/10 rebounds/12 assists

4/5/1958: Boston Celtics @ St. Louis Hawks

Bob Cousy 24 points/13 rebounds/10 assists

Tom Heinsohn 17 points/13 rebounds/10 assists