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Otto Porter Caught Late-Night Partying With Females After Win Over Rockets


For some teams in the NBA -- those that know they can't advance far into the playoffs with the likes of the Warriors and Cavaliers in their respective conferences at least -- taking down a top team during the regular season is seen as a major achievement, and should be celebrated accordingly.

That's exactly what the Washington Wizards did after Friday night, when the Wiz took down Western Conference powerhouse the Houston Rockets 121-103.

With no game on the following day, you can imagine just how turned up some players got. Thankfully though, you don't need to imagine, as Wizards' forward Otto Porter -- who dropped a team-high 26 points on the Rockets -- was spotted out and about into the early hours of Saturday celebrating the team win with a bottle in one hand and blonde in the other.

Just look at that grin.

The Wizards have been slightly disappointing this season compared to past years, currently sitting in 6th place in the East with a 20-16 record, so the celebrations should be short and sweet, but you can't fault Otto and the other Wiz crew from letting loose a little after defeating the second seed in the West.