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Philadelphia 76ers Can Build An Unreal Roster If They Select Tacko Fall

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

A lot of teams are trying to get smaller right now, as small-ball allows them to play with pace and space, have all-shooting lineups, and pretty much try to replicate Steve Kerr’s system with the Golden State Warriors.

However, several teams are actually trying to do the opposite by having players with a huge wingspan that are able to switch, play between screens and match up against all 5 players in the court in order to have a huge advantage in the defensive end of the floor.

One of those teams is definitely the Philadelphia 76ers, as they feature a 6’10’’ point-forward in Ben Simmons that is able to play and guard one through five thanks to his length and incredible wingspan.

Also, they have Joel Embiid down low as one of the biggest and longest big men in the league right now, a 7’2’’ 285-pound center that has the footwork of a ballerina and the strength of a bulldozer.

If they decide to resign Boban Marjanovic as well, they’d continue to have one of the tallest human beings in history as a part of their roster, a 7’3’’ 290-pound monster that makes NBA players look like children.

But, what if they take Tacko Fall in this upcoming NBA Draft? The big man out of UCF has broken all kind of records in the Draft combine. He’s 7’7’’ with a 10’25’’ standing reach and an 8’25’’ wingspan.

Fall is likely to slip all the way to the 2nd round of the Draft, and the Sixers actually have 4th second round picks this year. Also, he’s pretty mobile and skilled for a guy that big, let alone the fact that he’s a top-tier rim protector.

The Sixers are reportedly going to try and find a playable big man that’s able to hold the fort once Embiid gets a breather, something they lacked and hurt them big time throughout this year’s playoffs.

Tacko Fall may not play a single minute in the NBA given some concerns about his health, as it has happened to most guys so big that dream of making it to the league, but if the Sixers decide to give him a shot, they’ll have one of the most unreal teams in the history of basketball.