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Predicting The 2019-2020 Season For Future NBA Superstar Zion Williamson

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Zion Williamson is the most hyped player out of college since LeBron James. Zion has the size, physical attributes, skill, and box-office presence that attracts fans all over the world to watch his games. Zion was the best player during his college reign, even when he had teammates such as Cam Reddish and R.J. Barrett.

As such, many people across the NBA Universe are expecting Zion to place his mark on the league in his very first season.

Whether you have doubts about his weight or overall skill-set, there is no denying that he has a talent for the game. He is able to use his massive frame to bully defenders and score points with ease throughout college. While the NBA game is more competitive of course, Zion has all the tools a player needs to excel in his first season.

With all the hype around Zion and the undeniable size and athleticism that governs his game, here are the top 5 most important predictions for Zion’s season.

1. Zion Williamson will win Rookie Of The Year

While this may not seem too far-fetched, it is important to remember that Ja Morant is in his draft class. Morant was drafted by the Grizzlies, where he will be given plenty of chances to showcase his game and put up big numbers. After all, the Grizzlies broke up their core of Conley and Gasol for a chance to draft Morant.

Morant is as NBA ready as a player can get, and he will be fighting with Zion for the ROY award all year long. Zion, however, will edge out Morant due to his box-office displays and effective performances that will lead his team to a better record than the Grizzlies.

2. Zion Williamson will post averages of at least 18 points and 9 rebounds per game

Even though Zion looks raw, he will still manage to affect the game with his finishing at the basket and rebounding. Zion can finish with force, jumping out the gym to flush it over defenders. This will not change in the NBA, as he is the second-most heaviest player in the league.

Zion always had strength, but he has a feathery touch around the basket as well. Furthermore, he will also manage to grab enough rebounds to where he will be a double-double threat each and every night.

3. Zion Williamson will average 4 assists per game

One area of Zion’s game that will translate well is his effective on-court vision. He can pick out his teammates very well, and complete even the most difficult passes. Even if Zion is not the one finishing the break, he will be starting it. Paired with excellent young players such as Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram, he will be a key cog for outlet passes and will find guys on the break.

Expect Zion to make a couple of highlight-worthy passes throughout the season as well.

4. Zion will win the NBA Dunk Contest

Zion must compete in this year’s NBA Dunk Contest. While fans have been complaining about the lack of quality of the contest in recent years, Zion can change that by being a high-profile competitor. Just the thought of Zion, Aaron Gordon, and Zach LaVine competing in a dunk contest would immediately make the event one of the greatest ever.

If Zion decides to compete, be prepared for spectacular dunks en route to his first Dunk Contest Championship.

5. Zion will showcase a jump shot

Despite all the hype and skill that is undeniably there, pundits still worry about Zion’s jump shooting. While Zion will not be a knock-down shooter in comparison to his teammate Brandon Ingram, he will be effective enough to where defenders will not be able to sag off him much like they did to Lonzo Ball last season.

Zion will showcase an improved jumper as the season progresses, and will even drain enough three’s that will be one of the tops among his team. It is expected that Zion will struggle with his shot to start the season, but he will prove to the NBA Universe that he will not be a liability from the perimeter.


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