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Predicting The NBA's Top 5 Best Players In 2025


When you think back to 2009, which NBA players were the best in the league?

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, and Dwight Howard were probably the top 5 best players in the game at the time. Back then, those stars were running the show.

While a lot has changed today, some of those players have maintained their top-tier status among the league's best. Over time though, change is inevitable. Experienced stars grow older, youngsters grow up, and situations change. As a result, the balance of power changes as well.

Fast forward to 2025, and what will happen then? Which NBA stars will rise and fall out of superstardom?

Of course, none of us know what things may look like in future seasons. But, at the very least, we're allowed to have a little fun predicting for ourselves which way things will turn.

This list of top NBA players looks 8 years into the future, where things are subject to major change:

5. Devin Booker


We all saw something special in Devin Booker when we witnessed his 70 point game. The guy has played like a star since day one. Usually, young players are never a sure thing so early in their careers. But the way Devin Booker finds his own shot makes his game almost completely self-sufficient. In 8 years, his defense should be improved, his offense should reach peak heights, and his game will be almost unstoppable.

There's no telling if he'll still be with the Suns. But chances are, Booker will have had a few opportunities to go far in the postseason.

4. Karl-Anthony Towns


Karl-Anthony Towns is the definition of a modern day big man. His all-around game gives him a huge advantage over other "typical" big men. Winning the skills challenge was just the tip of the iceberg for him. This upcoming season should be the start of a new chapter in his career, one where he will have a chance to lead his team into contention.

In 8 years, nobody could predict what Towns' situation will be. But judging by his stats at just 21 years old, his impact could be better than a young Dwight Howard. Karl-Anthony was somewhat of a question mark at first, but his well-rounded game has reached heights of absolute stardom.

3. Lonzo Ball


Lonzo Ball may be overhyped for now, but he'll prove to be extremely valuable in the future. Without playing a single minute of pro basketball, Lonzo has taken the league by storm. Everything he says is dissected and reported, and everything he does is in the spotlight.

Imagine the hype when Lonzo turns into an All-Star? The fans will go nuts. His superior passing and playmaking ability will transform the Lakers from chumps to championship contenders. So far, Ball has shown flashes similar to Jason Kidd and Steve Nash, being able to shoot and pass at will.

And who knows, in 8 years, the entire Ball family may be wearing the purple and gold.

2. Ben Simmons


Ben Simmons has yet to play an NBA game after injuring his foot last year. But when you look at Simmons, he's got the physique of a true superstar. The 6'10 forward has got the handles of a guard while having LeBron-esq athleticism.

Nobody knows how the 76ers will fare in the next few years, but it's fair to say that it'll include Simmons. The guy is simply just too valuable to let go. Simmons success seems like a guarantee, but the Sixers may be just as well off.

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo

giannis flexes

Giannis is already working his way up to to the top of the league. But in 8 years, Giannis should be only about 30 years old. His strength, athleticism, and freakish size should still be a major factor.

The only thing holding Giannis back is his shooting, which could be improved drastically. If he works on that (which he's already starting to do), then the sky is the limit for this kid. With KD, LeBron, and Kawhi out of the picture, the stage is set for Giannis to take the stage.