Predicting The Top 5 Regular Season Games With The Highest TV Ratings

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Predicting The Top 5 Regular Season Games With The Highest TV Ratings

The NBA schedule is out and people are starting to plan their holidays or weekend getaways. It is possible that some of the NBA games will be a fun reason for families and friends to gather and enjoy the spirit of competition.

A few of the many games in the 2018/2019 season promise to attract a huge following on television and online streaming alike. Here are the top three match-ups that have the best chance of pushing TV ratings off the charts.

5. Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia Sixers

This is the Eastern Conference Semifinals match-up. The most complete true basketball team versus the most promising young team. Balanced offense versus star power. Great team defense versus amazing defensive pillars.

The Boston Celtics are favorites to top and clinch the Eastern title while the Philadelphia 76ers is the underdog team with the most cheers.

If the court competition isn't enough, one can always swipe the smartphone and check out the Twitter moves that Joel Embiid will lash out on opponent players, just to ruffle some feathers and add to the fun. This peripheral fanfare is sure to attract more viewers during their games.

4. Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics

The logical pundit and educated fan would make the most natural NBA Finals prediction between Warriors and Celtics.

Both extremely efficient in offense and choking on defense. Both have a pedigree coaching staff and premium players. The Warriors have literally five All-Stars as their starters while the Celtics have three current All-Stars and perhaps two future ones.

If anything, the fans at TD Garden and Chase Center promise to be one of the loudest and most voracious. The anticipation drummed up by the media for their eventual Finals match-up would probably drive many people to view their games.

3. Toronto Raptors vs. San Antonio Spurs

With the bad divorce between Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs, the word is out there to see how Kawhi can survive without Greg Popovich's system. The betrayal trade of DeMar DeRozan also left a bitter taste in the mouth, triggering DeMar's promise to drop 50 points on the Raptors when he returns to play against Toronto.

With the animosity and drama that followed the Raptor-Spurs trade, fans can only anticipate a huge game from Kawhi Leonard and DeMar DeRozan when the teams clash. It would be a fun game to tune into for casual fans.

2. Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors

The Western Conference Finals went lopsided last season after Chris Paul fell to a hamstring injury. The many "what-ifs" surfaced regarding the Houston Rockets being a legitimate contender to the title if Chris Paul were to play all the remaining games.

When the two heavyweights come to town, the fans are sure to be in full attendance to preview a likely Western playoff series that just might replay again soon.

1. Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors

Guess what, the invincible Golden State Warriors just got even stronger with the addition of yet another All-Star. However, the narrative is equally exciting for the Los Angeles Lakers. A young and promising young core is joined by LeBron James and a string of tough-minded veterans who knows hustle and winning. Much buzz has been generated in LeBron's quest to combat the Warriors with his new team. More buzz is also generated for the rise of the Lakers and in their attempt to return to the playoffs.

Everyone loves a battle between David and the Goliath. Everyone loves to see an underdog overcome an impossible nemesis. The Lakers-Warriors match-up will enthuse causal fans and hardcore supporters alike and one can only imagine the TV ratings may shoot off the roof when the games happen.