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Ranking The Best NBA Players By Height

Ranking The Best NBA Players By Height

Basketball is always recognized as a tall person's game, and that is generally true. Over 90% of NBA players are above 6'0" tall and size is a very important part of the professional game.

But which player is the best at their specific height? Here are the rankings of the best NBA players by height, with an honorable mention.

Facundo Campazzo - 5’10”

Facundo Campazzo

The Denver Nuggets backup point guard is only 5'10", yet gets minutes for one of the better teams in the Western Conference. Campazzo isn't a starter but he is the best player in the league at the average adult male height of 5'10".

Honorable Mention: Tremont Waters

D.J. Augustin - 5’11”

D.J. Augustin

Augustin has had a nice career as a point guard in the NBA. Mainly playing as a backup and also as a starter for a few seasons, Augustin is a consistent playmaker and scorer who does his job well on the court. Augustin shoots a career 37.8% from three and also 86.6% from the free-throw line.

Honorable Mention: Jordan McLaughlin

Chris Paul - 6’0”

via Alex Goodlett

via Alex Goodlett

There is no doubt who the best 6'0" player in the NBA is, and it's been the same for a very long time. Point guard legend Chris Paul is one of the best leaders in NBA history and his dedication to his craft has earned him a future first-ballot Hall of Fame induction. Paul beats out 2019 NBA champion Kyle Lowry as the best player at 6-feet tall.

Honorable Mention: Kyle Lowry

Donovan Mitchell - 6’1”

Breaking: Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz Agree To Five-Year, $195M Extension

It is amazing to state that Donovan Mitchell is only 6'1". Mitchell is an explosive athlete and scorer who looks and plays much bigger than he is. Mitchell is the same size as Trae Young, who is also surprisingly 6'1". Mitchell will be a 3-time All-Star this season and easily edges Young as the better 6'1" guard.

Honorable Mention: Trae Young

Damian Lillard - 6’2”

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Two superstar point guards stand at 6'2", Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving. Lillard is a 6-time All-Star, 5-time All-NBA Team performer, and is averaging 29.8 PPG this season for the Trail Blazers. There is no question he is better than Kyrie Irving, who is an NBA champion but doesn't have Lillard's explosiveness.

Honorable Mention: Kyrie Irving

Stephen Curry - 6’3”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

At 6'3", Stephen Curry is the best player in the world. Curry is a 2-time MVP and 3-time NBA champion who has a case for being the most impactful point guard in NBA history. Curry is single-handedly carrying the Golden State Warriors to a playoff seed this season so he beats out Bradley Beal.

Honorable Mention: Bradley Beal

D’Angelo Russell - 6’4”

D’Angelo Russell

D’Angelo Russell is a special guard because he has very good height and excellent skills as a ball-handler and scorer. Russell's career hasn't taken off as many expected but he's getting there and there is no doubt the 1-time All-Star is the best player at 6'4", ahead of two-way star Victor Oladipo.

Honorable Mention: Victor Oladipo

James Harden - 6’5”

"Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Were Voted All-Star Starters, But It’s James Harden Who Has The Nets Looking Like An Unstoppable Offensive Force," Says NBA Analyst

There is no question that James Harden is the best shooting guard in the NBA and also the best player at 6'5". Harden has achieved everything in the game, from 3 scoring titles to 2 MVPs, but only the NBA title escapes him at this stage of his career. Harden is a powerful and talented player that is a shade under 6'6".

Honorable Mention: Zach LaVine

Jaylen Brown - 6’6”

Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown has burst onto the scene this season by making his first All-Star Team. Brown has great size, excellent athleticism, and a great attitude on both ends of the floor. Brown is averaging a career-high 25.0 PPG this season, and he edges out the injured Klay Thompson this season as the best player at 6'6".

Honorable Mention: Klay Thompson

Kawhi Leonard - 6’7”

(via Hoops Habit)

(via Hoops Habit)

At 6'7", Kawhi Leonard is truly a dominant figure on the court. Leonard shuts down most players in his position on defense, and he has the skills and size to be a factor on offense as well. Leonard is already a Hall of Famer thanks to his 2 NBA titles and 2 Defensive Player of the Year Awards, so he beats out Luka Doncic here.

Honorable Mention: Luka Doncic

Paul George - 6’8”

Paul George Has Blocked Users From Commenting On His Instagram Pictures Unless He Follows Them

Paul George is a special athlete and a special talent. George dominates on both ends of the court, and he is incredibly tall as a shooting guard or an All-Star small forward. George has made 7 All-Star Teams and 5 All-NBA Teams in his career, and if he manages to win an NBA title, his Hall of Fame status might be confirmed.

Honorable Mention: Jayson Tatum

LeBron James - 6’9”

Lakers LeBron James

LeBron James is truly the most gifted athlete in NBA history. At 6'9" and over 250 lbs, LeBron James has the size of an NFL linebacker yet has the basketball IQ of Magic Johnson. LeBron is the most dominant player in the world and one of the greatest to ever step foot on a basketball court. The fact that Bam Adebayo, an All-Star center, is the same size as LeBron James is truly astonishing as well.

Honorable Mention: Bam Adebayo

Kevin Durant - 6’10”

Credit: USA Today Sports

Credit: USA Today Sports

Kevin Durant is the most unstoppable offensive player when he gets going. Durant stands close to 7-feet tall which means he can shoot over any defender in his position and he is also a terrific shooter. Durant is one of the greatest to have ever done it as a 2-time NBA champion and 4-time scoring champion, so he has to edge Anthony Davis who still has a lot to prove in his career.

Honorable Mention: Anthony Davis

Giannis Antetokounmpo - 6’11”

Breaking: Giannis Antetokounmpo Has Won Second Consecutive MVP Award

The Greek Freak might be the most uniquely dominant physical specimen in the NBA other than LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Giannis is nearly 7-foot tall and plays like an NBA center, although he moves like a point guard. Giannis is an intelligent playmaker who dominates the defensive end as well, so there is no wonder why he is a 2-time league MVP.

Honorable Mention: Nikola Jokic

Joel Embiid - 7’0”


The Philadelphia 76ers franchise superstar is the best 7'0" player in the world. Embiid is averaging 30.0 PPG and 11.3 RPG this season and could be on his way to his first MVP Award. Embiid is a handful to defend down low and he is the best player for the best team in the East right now.

Honorable Mention: Lauri Markkanen

Rudy Gobert - 7’1”

Rudy Gobert Signed The 3rd Largest Contract In NBA History With $205M Max Extension

The 7'1" French giant Rudy Gobert is arguably the most impactful paint presence in the league. Gobert rebounds well, blocks shots, and plays an important role in the Utah Jazz offense as well. Gobert is a 2-time Defensive Player of the Year Award winner and has a legitimate shot to make an All-NBA Team at season’s end, meaning he is the best player in the world at 7’1”.

Honorable Mention: Jakob Poeltl

Bol Bol - 7’2”

(via Insider)

(via Insider)

Bol Bol has shown flashes of talent in the short amounts of time he has been on the court, but he has a long way to go to earn his coach’s trust. Bol Bol is only averaging 8.0 MPG through his first 2 seasons in the NBA, and despite nailing 44.4% of his threes last year, he has not been able to break through just yet. Still, Bol is the best player in the NBA at 7’2” and he is only 21 years of age.

Honorable Mention: Luke Kornet

Kristaps Porzingis - 7’3”

Kristaps Porzingis

The Knicks did the unthinkable by trading away Porzingis when he has All-Star and even superstar ability. Porzingis has played 261 games throughout his career, averaging 18.6 PPG and 7.7 RPG so far. His ability to shoot from the outside and still play like a big man is his key trait, and he has already made an All-Star Team in 2018. Porzingis may stand 7’3”, but he is not the tallest player in the NBA.

Honorable Mention: None

Boban Marjanovic - 7’4”

Boban Marjanovic

At 7'4", Boban Marjanovic is one sight to behold. Boban is so massive that he doesn't even have to jump much to dunk the ball, if at all, and his large hands mean he can be a go-to scorer in the post as well. Boban is a productive role player and there is currently no other player at his height in the NBA. But he still isn't the tallest.

Honorable Mention: None

Tacko Fall - 7’5”

(via The Boston Globe)

(via The Boston Globe)

A fan favorite, Tacko Fall is the tallest player in the NBA right now. Fall has yet to play consistent minutes in the NBA, although he certainly has the size to be a factor. Fall is averaging 7.1 MPG this season so he has a lot to prove as a young center, but he certainly has the skills and fan support to become a staple on an NBA roster.

Honorable Mention: None


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