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Re-Drafting the TERRIBLE 2013 NBA Draft

2013 NBA Draft Class

The 2013 NBA Draft ranks among the all-time worst drafts since the end of territorial drafting. In this re-draft, we will be assuming the completion of all trades that happened relative to draft position, as well as FA signings. Lets get it to it.

#1 Cleveland Cavaliers

Original Selection: Anthony Bennett

Re-Draft Selection: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Originally Selected: #15 (Bucks)

WHY: Anthony Bennett is just bad. That’s just a fact. The only player with a lower career point-per-game for #1 overall picks is Andy Tonkovich. Andy Tonkovich, who only played one year. Andy Tonkovich who was the second first-overall pick in history. Bennett is tied with self-proclaimed bust Greg Oden for least assists (0.5). The 6th least rebounds per game (3.1)- keep in mind he’s a power forward- ahead of 4 point guards and another power forward. Tied for 5th-least steals (0.4), 7th-worst in blocks (0.2), 6th-worst in overall FG% (.387), 10th-least 2P% (.416), 3rd-least Win Shares (0.2), and on, and on, and on. How about David Griffin makes the right choice instead, drafting budding star Giannis Antetokounmpo instead of this… abomination. Bennett has played for 4 teams, starting just 3 games in 4 years. Giannis has played for only the team that has drafted him, and has started 186/251 games, including 79/80 last year.

#2 Orlando Magic

Original Selection: Victor Oladipo

Re-Draft Selection: C.J. McCollum

Originally Selected: #10 (Trail Blazers)

WHY: This is simple. Oladipo is a bit better defensively, but McCollum is SO much better offensively, it's not even funny. Not that 3P% is normally funny, but still. Look at their career offensive stats:

CJ: FG%- .447 3P%- .413 FT%- .800 AST/gm- 2.5 PPG- 13.5

Vic: FG%- .432 3P%- .346 FT%- .804 AST/gm- 3.9 PPG- 15.9

Sure, ‘Dipo’s look a bit better, but that’s because he’s doing everything- he has Elfrid Payton at PG instead of DAME Lillard. Also, CJ was a bit of a late bloomer, and he has a good case for being taken here. It really does come down to fit, and McCollum would be better next to Payton.

#3 Washington Wizards

Original Selection: Otto Porter

Re-Draft Selection: Rudy Gobert

Originally Selected: #27 (Jazz)

WHY: A small-forward needy team, there are none worth being picked here. Instead, let’s give J-Wall Rudy Gobert- and instead of getting Marcin Gortat, they could use the cap space to get a player like Tyreke Evans or Andre Iguodala, both of whom they would’ve had room to sign. Al-Farouq Aminu, though his value was very low, would’ve been a good flyer signing.

#4 Charlotte Bobcats

Original Selection: Cody Zeller

Re-Draft Selection: Victor Oladipo

Originally Selected: #2 (Magic)

WHY: Vic Oladipo is more athletic, shoots better, drives better, distributes and defends better than the second Zeller brother. Sure, Zeller has him beat on post offense, but he’s 8 inches taller and plays center rather than combo guard. I think we know who wins this one. Also: Kemba Walker/Oladipo backcourt. That’s scary.

#5 Phoenix Suns

Original Selection: Alex Len

Re-Draft Selection: Steven Adams

Originally Selected: #12 (Thunder)

WHY: Steven Adams (0.129 WS/48) is better in almost every way than Alex Len (0.068 WS/48) . Len is best suited as an above-average backup, were Adams is a very good starter. If you try to convince me that this one is wrong, I will try to convince you that your brain may not be in your head.

#6 Philadelphia 76ers

Original Selection: Nerlens Noel

Re-Draft Selection: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Originally Selected: #8 (Pistons)

WHY: Noel hasn’t really improved on his outside-4-feet jump shot, despite being in his fourth season. KCP, on the other hand, is a legitimate threat from both ends of the court- inconsistency aside, he’s shooting 37.3% this year, and 33% on his career (and vast improvements since his first season). In fact, if you take out his first season, he’s shooting a bit over 34%- which is decent, especially for someone as good defensively.

Noel, on the other hand, can really only finish lobs at this point- 50.2% of his shots are within 3 ft, the average is 5.3- and is only shooting 49%, respectable for a guard but not a dunk-only center. Sure, he takes a few short J’s, but misses most of them- he shoots LESS THAN 30% ON SHOTS 3-10 FEET AWAY! Let me say that again- he makes 3 of 10 shots… from 3-10 feet! That is incredibly low, and bogs down the offense to the point where he can’t really play in close games- because the paint is too clogged!

#7 Sacramento Kings

Original Selection: Ben McLemore

Re-Draft Selection: Dennis Shröder

Originally Selected: #17 (Hawks)

WHY: Poor Benny. The Curse Of Vlade has ruined a very promising career, and we are all worse off for it. Just to put it in perspective, for those of you who don’t realize just how good people thought he could be. These are actual Big Board ranks, from respected journalists and draftnicks:

Chad Ford - #1

Chris Fedor - #1

Chris Mannix - #4

Michael Levin - #2

- Note: Polled readers on who should be #1, and

- McLemore was first, with 48%

Etc, etc, etc. McLemore was an incredibly interesting prospect, with Chris Dortch of stating:


- Exceptional athlete

- Great 3-point shooter

- Good rebounder for his position

- Great free-throw shooter

- Can get shots off the dribble

- Unselfish

- Great teammate


- Needs to stay in aggressive mode

- Has to become more consistent

- Needs to get bigger and stronger

NBA projection

McLemore is the possible No.1 overall pick in the draft. He’s got rare ability for a shooting guard in that he’s both athletic and a deadly perimeter shooter. When he learns to more consistently take over games and adds more size and strength, McLemore will have an excellent career as a primary scoring option.

Reminds me of...

Ray Allen

And former Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg:

“He’s unbelievable. He has the potential to be the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft. … He’s great right now, and he’s got a great upside just because of his athleticism. He’s got a great stroke, he’s got great elevation on his shot and he seems like a wonderful kid.”

See? And yet Divac took him, leaving us all wondering what could have been. Shröder, on the other hand, would be a great fit next to Cousins, and- if the curse didn’t get him- would get starting experience earlier in his career. Who knows how good he’d be by now, without Teague in front of him!

#8 Detroit Pistons

Original Selection: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Re-Draft Selection: Matthew Dellevadova

Originally Selected: UNDRAFTED

WHY: This is the worst possible spot to be in. Dellevadova or Porter- With Porter, they’d have to trade for a better PG, and with Delly, would have to play Josh Smith at SF. Well, second-year Kyle Singler will have to start, because the Aussie is a PERFECT fit next to Andy Drummond, so… RIP the Pistons’ SF position.

#9 Utah Jazz

Original Selection: Trey Burke

Re-Draft Selection: Ben McLemore

Originally Selected: #7 (Kings)

WHY: Trey Burke is more busted than a water balloon, but the next best 1-guard available was Raul Neto- so Utah just swings for the fences, hoping that it was all Vlade’s fault. Another star paired with Gordo would, admittedly, be quite nice.

#10 Portland Trail Blazers

Original Selection:CJ McCollum

Re-Draft Selection: Nerlens Noel

Originally Selected: #6 (76ers)

WHY: The top 5 of the 6 available players were bigs (Noel, Zeller, Olynyk, Plumlee, Len), so the Blazers went best available- Noel- alluding to a bevy (yes, that’s a word) of lobs from Lillard in the near future. The mini splash bros are gone now, though, which is more than a bit sad.

#11 Philadelphia 76ers

Original Selection: Michael Carter-Williams

Re-Draft Selection: Otto Porter

Originally Selected: #3 (Wizards)

WHY: Wings are in high demand in the league- more so than bigs, which seem to be going for a dime a dozen (except Joakim Noah). Sure, they could take a Cody Zeller or Seth Curry here, but Porter is arguably best available- and has much more value, if a trade needs to be made.

#12 Oklahoma City Thunder

Original Selection: Steven Adams

Re-Draft Selection: Andre Roberson

Originally Selected: #26 (Thunder)

WHY: Yay, Otto Porter is falling to us, we can finally have a good scoring wing to pair with KD and Russ! Wait, the Sixers took him? Dang it! Now we have to take Roberson again! Stupid Hinkie, “Trusting The Process™” ! (Yes, that was an Embiid joke).

#13 Boston Celtics

Original Selection: Kelly Olynyk

Re-Draft Selection: Cody Zeller

Originally Selected: #4 (Bobcats)

WHY: Vitor Faverani and Joel Anthony can’t be your only bigs. So, you still have to pick one (but Olynyk isn’t the best available)… Hmm, how about the scoring and lack of defense belonging to Cody Zeller!

#14 Minnesota Timberwolves

Original Selection: Shabazz Muhammad

Re-Draft Selection: Solomon Hill

Originally Selected: #23 (Pacers)

WHY: Hill is a solid 3-and-D guy in a league that needs more of them; a good defensive fit alongside the sieve also known as the frontcourt, and can hit the open shot when opponents double K-Love or Pek.

#15 Milwaukee Bucks

Original Selection: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Re-Draft Selection: Seth Curry

Originally Selected: UNDRAFTED

WHY: Go ahead and cry, Bucks fans- this is a franchise-ruining pick, and there’s nothing you- or anyone- can do about it. Middleton at the 2/3, Henson and Sanders at the 4-5, Knight at the 1: You need another starting-caliber wing, and a bench player better than Zaza Pachulia. A flyer is needed here, and with Young Sav (Ben McLemore) gone, Curry is the best you’ve got. Again, I suggest you thank the current managerial regime- they saved you from a Knight/Curry/Middleton/Henson/Sanders starting 5.

#16 Atlanta Hawks

Original Selection: Lucas Nogueira

Re-Draft Selection: Mason Plumlee

Originally Selected: #22 (Nets)

WHY: Backup big/ PG are needed with these two picks, and this is a clear case of BPA (best player available)- Plumlee was the best available, and it wasn’t even close.

#17 Atlanta Hawks

Original Selection: Dennis Shröder

Re-Draft Selection: Michael Carter-Williams

Originally Selected: #11 (76ers)

WHY: Yes, this may cramp coach Bud’s spacing, but they NEEDED a backup PG- and MCW was best available. Their next pick is at 44, and in a draft this weak, you’d be lucky to get a player who makes your D-League team in the second round. Would Neto fit better? Sure. But he is almost capped out, where if MCW learns how to shoot, the sky’s the limit.

#18 Dallas Mavericks

Original Selection: Shane Larkin

Re-Draft Selection: Kelly Olynyk

Originally Selected: #13 (Celtics)

WHY: No rim protection, but they’d be an all- spacing team, with Olynyk, Nowitzki, and Calderon on the perimeter and Monta Ellis driving. Sieve defensively, exciting offensively.

#19 Cleveland Cavaliers

Original Selection: Sergey Karasev

Re-Draft Selection: Joffrey Lauvergne

Originally Selected: #55 (Nuggets)

WHY: Much like the Mavericks, anyone they picked that wasn’t bad would be an improvement- Karasev and Larkin are both playing abroad now. So who will be joining a core of Kyrie/Giannis/Tristan Thompson? Well, a stretch-4 in Joffrey Lauvergne is available. How about him? One of the best available, and keeps Tyler Zeller out of the starting lineup. A win-win!

#20 Chicago Bulls

Original Selection: Tony Snell

Re-Draft Selection: Dewayne Dedmon

Originally Selected: UNDRAFTED

WHY: At his best, Dedmon is a more athletic Noah with a better-looking (but not better results) jumper. At his worst, he is an unpolished athlete. A few years under a player like Noah drastically changes his development, the bulk of which occurred in Orlando- and who knows? He may be 1st-team all-defense by now.

#21 Minnesota Timberwolves

Original Selection: Gorgui Dieng

Re-Draft Selection: Gorgui Dieng

Originally Selected: #21 (Timberwolves)

WHY: Not much to say about this one- a solid pick, if unspectacular, under the circumstances.

#22 Brooklyn Nets

Original Selection: Mason Plumlee

Re-Draft Selection: Alex Len

Originally Selected: #5 (Suns)

WHY: Well, Plumlee is gone, further emptying the bare cupboard of assets the Nets have/had- this was post-Celtics trade, you must remember. So how about the Nets take the poor man’s Plumlee, former #5 overall pick Alex Len? Sure, he can’t pass/defend/shoot as well, but they’re about the same on inside scoring, right? He’s not? Oh, ok then…

#23 Indiana Pacers

Original Selection: Solomon Hill

Re-Draft Selection: Tony Snell

Originally Selected: #20 (Bulls)

WHY: Snell is basically Solomon Hill- their last names even end similarly- except that Hill plays better D. Yes, we are at the point in the draft where teams want worse versions of who they already picked because there is literally no one else.

#24 New York Knicks

Original Selection: Tim Hardaway Jr

Re-Draft Selection: James Ennis

Originally Selected: #50 (Heat)

WHY: Ennis is basically Timmy, but he plays defense. And he actually shoots 1.5% better on threes, so that’s a thing.

#25 Los Angeles Clippers

Original Selection: Reggie Bullock

Re-Draft Selection: Shabazz Muhammad

Originally Selected: #14 (Timberwolves)

WHY: Ennis would’ve been perfect, but with out him, here’s Shabazz Muhammad. A top player in HS/at UCLA, he is a bit like Hardaway Jr- but bigger, and more of his damage coming from the midrange. No, it’s not ideal, but it’s a small upgrade from their crop (at the time) of Barnes, Dudley, Bullock, Granger, Turkoglu. Yes, Barnes and Dudley are good, but at the small-ball-4- they are/were no longer quick enough to keep up with smaller wings.

#26 Oklahoma City Thunder

Original Selection: Andre Roberson

Re-Draft Selection: Mike Muscala

Originally Selected: #44 (Hawks)

WHY: Muscala can stretch the floor, is an OK rebounder, and… GEEZ, OKC! You went from Adams/Roberson to Roberson/Muscala?! I mean, a big was needed here, but you should’ve taken a Cody Zeller-type earlier- too late now, though. You’re stuck with Andy and mr. M&M. Ouch.

#27 Utah Jazz

Original Selection: Rudy Gobert

Re-Draft Selection:Robert Covington

Originally Selected: UNDRAFTED

WHY: Enes Kanter is a starting center now because I can’t bring myself to pick Jeff Withey in the first round, and he’s the best available big man.

#28 San Antonio Spurs

Original Selection: Livio Jean-Charles

Re-Draft Selection: Trey Burke

Originally Selected: #9 (Jazz)

WHY: Pre-Patty Mills breakout, but post-CoJoe, the Pop Empire needed a backup PG. Trey Burke, a player who never reached his full potential, would be better developed in SA than in Salt Lake City (Sorry, Utah). Another steal by the Silver & Black, which we all expected but hoped against.

#29 Phoenix Suns

Original Selection: Archie Goodwin

Re-Draft Selection: Tim Hardaway Jr

Originally Selected: #24 (Knicks)

WHY: Timmy is basically the same player as Archie, but prided himself on jump shots rather than drives- a better approach for today’s NBA.

#30 Golden State Warriors

Original Selection: Nemanja Nedovic

Re-Draft Selection: Allen Crabbe

Originally Selected: #31 (Trailblazers)

WHY: Nedovic busted, but Crabbe can shoot lights out and has AMAZING hair.

Next Three Up: Raul Neto, Archie Goodwin, and Isaiah Canaan

(NOTE: All stats are from, unless noted otherwise.)