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Report: Top 10 Most Important NBA Rumors

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Rumors come and rumors go! That’s the way the NBA is and why we love it so much, as we just can’t get enough of this moves and will always try to guess who’s going to be the next man out of a team and where will he land.

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the NBA Draft and free agency is just around the corner as well, which means we’re going to be listening to a lot of hot takes over the next month or so as we head towards the summer.

Today, we’re going to talk about the 10 hottest trade rumors that have appeared over the last couple of weeks, although most of this could change in the following months, so don’t get too excited if your team is featured on this list.

10. Orlando Will Offer Max Contract To Aaron Gordon

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Amid their never ending rebuilding process and the breakout season their young stud had, the Orlando Magic are finally expected to offer a max deal to Aaron Gordon despite the rumors pointing that the team was quietly trying to move him before the deadline.

Gordon was supposed to be the franchise cornerstone so this one shouldn’t come as a surprise, although they’re likely to offer him a lot of money as several teams are expected to approach him as a restricted free agent.

9. DeAndre Jordan Wants To Play For The Rockets


Apparently, DeAndre Jordan has already stated over and over that he wants to play for the Houston Rockets and has grown extremely frustrated with the Los Angeles Clippers losing ways and shaky organization.

Jordan is set to become an unrestricted free agent this season and would love to be reunited with Chris Paul, although he’s going to find it quite difficult to outplay Clint Capela for the starting big man gig for sure.

8. Max Contract For Zach LaVine?

zach lavine bulls

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the Chicago Bulls are working with Zach LaVine in order to offer him a max deal, as the young guard is set to be one of the team’s cornerstones in their rebuilding process.

LaVine was fantastic after coming back from a season-ending injury and the Bulls won’t hesitate to pull the trigger and ink him for the long term, pairing him with Kris Dunn, Lauri Markkanen and their 7th overall pick for a lot of time.

7. Marcus Smart Wants A Better Contract


Marcus Smart has already stated that he’s worth way more than the 12 to 14 million dollars the Boston Celtics are willing to pay him, as he values his hustle, grit and energy and believes any team would value that as well.

With him being a restricted free agent and the Celtics unable to match any high bids for him due to cap space problems, the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers are the most likely landing spots for the top-tier defender.

6. Trevor Ariza To Golden State Warriors?


Apparently, Trevor Ariza may pull a Kevin Durant and join the competition, as according to Chris Haynes, the veteran forward would be more than willing to take a huge pay cut in order to sign for the Dubs and win another Championship.

Golden State would really love his 3 and D expertise to lead the second unit as another versatile defender and standout shooter from three-point land, although there’s definitely going to be a lot of bad blood between him and the Rockets for sure.

5. Kevin Love Out Of Cleveland?


Kevin Love has been the Cleveland Cavaliers’ primary scapegoat ever since landing at the Land from Minnesota, and with the Cavs on the verge of losing once again in the Finals against the Warriors, he may be the odd man out of the team.

Rumors surrounding Love have never stopped and truth to be told, his talents could be very welcome elsewhere, so expect him to be linked with almost every team as the Cavs will look to clear as much cap space as they can through the offseason.

4. Mavericks Want DeMarcus Cousins


After striking out on DeAndre Jordan a couple of campaigns ago, it seems like the Dallas Mavericks have finally moved on from him and will no longer be interested in the Clippers big man, and would focus their attention in DeMarcus Cousins instead.

Cousins is set to miss the beginning of the season while recovering from an Achilles injury, and the Mavs have the kind of cap space to make a huge push for him, not to mention the fact that they also have Dennis Smith Jr and the 5th overall pick in this year’s Draft.

3. Chris Paul Will Ask For A Max Deal

chris-paul-injury-update houston

Despite the fact that the Rockets are reportedly trying to pursue LeBron James and even Paul George this offseason, Chris Paul isn’t willing to take a pay cut or a mid-level contract in order to make numbers work for Houston.

With the Rockets set to match any bids they get for Clint Capela in order to max him, getting James is going to be a huge problem for Houston if Paul winds up demanding a max contract as the latest reports state.

2. Thunder Confident In Keeping Paul George


Despite most rumors and reports pointing towards a Paul George imminent departure from Oklahoma City, the team believes there’s still a strong chance they’re able to keep him if they improve the team’s second unit.

Apparently, Paul George and Russell Westbrook have become “really close” over the last couple of months so Sam Presti’s confident they still have a lot of leverage, as that could play a huge part in PG-13’s decision.

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1. Spurs Not Taking Offers for Kawhi Leonard


There’s been a lot of speculation regarding Kawhi Leonard’s future and reported a desire to leave the San Antonio Spurs, but as of this moment, the team isn’t willing to listen to any offers in return of the two-way All-Star.

Nonetheless, the team is expected to schedule a meeting between Gregg Popovich and Kawhi before this year’s draft, where the team will definitely make a decision on the small forward’s future, knowing there’s going to be a lot of takers for him.