Russell Westbrook And The 10 Worst 3-Point Shooters In The NBA Right Now

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The NBA has become a shooter league. Credit Stephen Curry for this recent change, since many teams now want the best shooters on the floor at any given time. After all, the best shooters in the league are often the most exciting players to watch. They can get hot and turn games around in their team's favor, and certainly get the crowd behind them.

But there are also some very poor shooters. Those types of guys who love to jack up three-point shots and rarely make them. Since there are great shooters in the league, there are also very poor ones. Most of the guys on this list take a lot of threes and simply cannot drain them at an efficient rate.

As a result, here are the top 10 worst shooters in the NBA.

10. Spencer Dinwiddie - 28.3%

Spencer Dinwiddie NETS

Dinwiddie had a breakout year last year and improved all aspects of his game. After being a simple benchwarmer since coming into the league, he has blossomed into a very effective player for the Nets. His playmaking, size, and scoring are what makes him a good player and one of the best on his team.

But his 3-point shooting has been putrid. He is only hitting 28.3% of his threes, a very low number for someone who handles and scores the ball as much as he does. He must improve his shooting if the Nets want to make any noise this year.

9. Terrence Ross - 28.3%

terrence ross orlando

Ross has been a steady scorer throughout his career, and a pretty decent shooter from three since coming into the league. He is one of the few wing players who can be effective at both ends of the floor and also get out and run on the break at a high level.

But his three points shooting so far this year has not helped the Orlando Magic. He seems to struggle to hit shots consistently, despite having good looks, and he has started the year out slow. For attempting 6 threes a game, his shooting simply isn't good enough.

8. Jarrett Culver - 28.2%

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Rookie Jarrett Culver is a nice young player with plenty of potentials. His size and overall skill set seem impressive, and he is one of the brightest players that came out of the draft this year.

He is only shooting 28% however, and cannot find any rhythm to his shots. Not to mention the fact that he is below 70% from the line, which is also unacceptable. Culver had plenty of room to grow and it is not fair to bash his three-point shooting just yet, but it needs to improve.

7. Austin Rivers - 28.2%

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

The Rockets backup guard provides a ton of energy and defensive tenacity when he is on the floor. The Rockets need him to be feisty on defense but also nail open shots when Harden or Westbrook find him easy looks.

So far this year, this has not happened. Rivers is struggling from deep, averaging less than 30% from the three-point line. For a team that loves threes more than any other team out there, Rivers must hit a higher percentage of his team wants multiple shooters on the floor to succeed.

6. Lauri Markkanen - 28.2%

(via Chicago Tribune)

(via Chicago Tribune)

Markkanen is developing into a dominant player since he can play both ends of the floor and is mobile enough to affect the game in many areas. His defense shot-blocking, and ability to score are very impressive for a young player.

But the young player simply cannot find his range, as he is barely above 28% from deep despite attempting 5 threes a game. The Bulls need as much scoring help as they can get, and his poor shooting is not helping their cause at all.

5. Patrick Beverley - 27.0%

Patrick Beverley Clippers

Beverly is not known for his offense or his shooting since he is such a feisty defensive player who brings a ton of energy to the floor. His hustle and rebounding are also what make him a valuable player for the Clippers.

But when he has been open, it has not fallen for him. Beverly is currently shooting a very poor 27% from three despite getting open looks from guys like Kawhi Leonard and Lou Williams. Beverlymust shoots better from beyond as the team's starting point guard spot, especially since the Clippers want to be the favorites in the West for the title.

4. Julius Randle - 26.9%

Credit: NBA

Credit: NBA

Big man Julius Randle is actually a bit undersized, so it is expected that he must develop a consistent jump shot to be effective for his team. But he has not been unable to accomplish this and is shooting under 27% from three. This is very poor and many wonder why he is even attempting as many threes as he has.

Randle is most effective using his quick first step to finish at the basket and also use his strength down low to finish. A mid-range game would also help, but his three-point shooting has been very poor for the struggling Knicks.

3. Nikola Jokic - 24.2%

Nikola Jokic NBA

Entering the top three worst shooters in the league, star big man Nikola Jokic has not had it from deep. He is shooting a very poor 24%, an unacceptable number for a man who jacks up 4 three-pointers a game. While it is not surprising that a big man doesn't shoot a high percentage from deep, since many don't, but Jokic is simply better than his number suggests.

Jokic might want to focus his efforts down low and also on his excellent mid-range game until he develops a rhythm. It has not affected the Nuggets so far, as they sit firmly as second in the West, although it might do come playoff time.

2. Jordan Poole - 23.5%

Jordan Poole

The Warriors have been an utter disaster this year, and have literally fallen off the map after years of dominance. Due to injuries and poor performances, the Warriors are forced to play their young guys and give them chances to grow on the job.

Youngster Jordan Poole is playing 26 minutes per game and taking five threes per game despite shooting under 24%. While he has been thrown into the fire, the young player must make more threes or simply stop taking a lot of them if he wants to help this slumping team out the bottom of the conference where they sit dead last. Poole's shooting more has to do with the warrior's horrible season for far than his actual skillset.

1. Russell Westbrook - 22.5%

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Once again, Westbrook is the worst shooter in the NBA. As great as he is on the court, this is one area that has simply not improved for the star guard. The Rockets, as a whole, have not been finding their range at all this season and this has hurt their seeding in the West so far.

Westbrook seems to be on a two-year slump, where he can't find the net at all from three. Rumors are circulating about a hand injury, although Russ can still attack and finish at a high rate. Westbrook loves the three, and we all know that, but his horrific shooting (22%) is just horrible considering he takes almost 6 threes a game. He is becoming a serious liability from beyond and this might be the Rocket's downfall this year.


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