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Russell Westbrook Hilariously Impersonates James Harden During Team USA Mini-Camp


Even though James Harden may now be an NBA MVP, that doesn't mean the Houston Rockets All-Star's game is perfect.

From his suspect defense -- which he has admittedly improved on over the years in Houston -- to his trademark way of embellishing contact to draw whistles from the refs, some fans have become annoyed with the way The Beard plays the game of basketball.

Another move Harden utilizes quite often is his trademark stepback, which is quite different from the other stepback moves seen in the NBA. People have argued this past season that Harden's stepback -- where it seems The Beard takes two steps back instead of one while gathering the ball -- is actually a travel, and should be illegal. Still, the NBA has ruled that James is just too good at gathering the ball in both hands to shoot at the exact right time between steps, making the move perfectly legal.

While attending the Team USA mini-camp, Russell Westbrook decided to poke a little fun at Harden while shooting around with him. Take a look.

Despite the fact the pair of MVP's were teammates over 5 years ago, Russ does a very good job at impersonating Harden's stepback, even if it was one step too many.