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BREAKING: Ryan Anderson signed a 4-year deal worth $80M!


Ryan Anderson is going to sign a four-year, $80M deal with the Houston Rockets according to Marc Stein!

Ryan is 28 year old power forward who played in New Jersey Nets, Orlando Magic and New Orleans Pelicans!

He was selected as 21st pick in 2008 Draft by New Jersey Nets. In June 2009 he was traded together with Vince Carter to Orlando. In first two seasons for Orlando he played as a player from bench and in his third and last season in Orlando, he became a starter and had some impressive games, which led to his NBA Most Improved Player of the Year Award!

In summer 2012. he was traded to New Orleans Pelicans where he played as a great role player and also getting improved from season to season! He averaged 17 points and 6 rebounds in last season.

He will be a great improvement for the Rockets. He can easily score a three and also can stretch the game and take a ball in his hands!