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Select The Best Squad: The Ultimate Superteam Battle

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The NBA truly is where amazing happens, and in order for it to be like that, it must feature just the cream of the cream, the greatest athletes in the world, and the most talented hoopers to ever lace them up.

Every bottom-of-the-bench kind of NBA player would light every single one of us up, regardless of how in shape we are, how many days a week we go to the court to practice on our shot, or how confident we are about our game.

So, imagine how would it be to go against some of the handfuls of players that actually stand out from the best, and how great it would be to just see them hit the court for a pickup game between them.

Today, we’re going to take the 15 best players in the NBA and create three teams randomly, so you feel free to let us know about which team you think would be the most unstoppable and hard to beat.

Team A

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson

LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Nikola Jokic

Uh-oh, things aren’t looking great for anyone trying to take this team down, as they have none other than the Splash Brothers in the backcourt with Klay and Steph, so you know there’s a lot of three-pointers coming your way.

Moreover, this team features three of the best playmakers in the world in LeBron, Jokic, and Steph, so there will be a lot of passing lanes. Also, Griffin’s and LeBron’s presence will make it impossible to double Klay or Steph in the perimeter.

This lineup features a lot of balance in the offensive end of the floor but may struggle in the other side with James and Thompson as their only above the average defenders. There will be buckets coming your way, though.

Team B

Damian Lillard, Paul George

Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, Karl-Anthony Towns

There’s a lot of size in team B, with George and Leonard playing the 2 and the 3, and David and Towns rounding up quite a versatile frontcourt that would see KAT as a power forward on offense and then as a center on defense.

Also, there’s definitely a lot of shooting here, as all 5 players are more than capable of consistently knock down three-pointers, even though Davis and Towns make a living below the rim and thanks to their post moves.

If you need a clutch bucket, just put the rock on Lillard’s hands, and when it comes to defense, George, Kawhi, and Davis will definitely have you covered. The lack of a true pass-first kind of point guard could hurt them, as all of them need the ball on their hands in order to get it going.

Team C

Kyrie Irving, James Harden

Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid

If we talk about handles and creating your own shot, team C is just unfair. With Kyrie, Harden, Embiid, Durant, and Giannis, this team is likely to go to the line 10 times out of 10 every single time they drive.

When it comes to three-point shooting, 3 thirds of the squad could light it up without any kind of doubt or hesitation, while Giannis and Embiid could easily put every big man in the world on skates below the rim.

This team perfectly balances offense and defense, as well as explosiveness with length, with 3 guys capable of guarding 1 through 5. A true winning character may be the only thing that’s lacking, with all of them struggling and going at their teammates and rivals when things aren’t going their way.