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Stats Prove That Lonzo Ball Might Be One Of The NBA’s Best Defenders


The Lakers are having a bit of a resurgence of late, boasting a 10-6 record in November, en-route to a 13-9 overall standing for the season. As much as LeBron has to do with it, the team’s 2017 #1 overall pick is a huge part of it as well.

True, Lonzo Ball hasn’t exactly played up to his expectations so far. But he might be better than you think, especially on the defensive end.

Impressively, the Ball Brother is holding players to just 5-26 from the field, or 19% shooting when he’s guarding them.

But the numbers go further than that.


Going back a little over a week ago, Lonzo has fared pretty well guarding against a number of talented point guards. None of them made over 3 shots.

It’s a relatively small sample size, and none of those names above are Steph Curry.

Still, Lonzo is proving his worth. As the world continues to flame his broken jumper, he is making sure to impact the game in more ways than one.

Certainly, defensive intensity isn’t what we were expecting form Lonzo coming out of UCLA. But if he continues this pace, and gets better on the other end, he might just end up being the superstar this Lakers team needs.