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Team Michael Jordan vs. Team Durant: Who Would Win A 7-Game Series?

Team Michael Jordan vs. Team Durant: Who Would Win A 7-Game Series?

Michael Jordan completely owned the 1990s because it set forth the standard for players that were to come after the legendary Chicago Bulls guard. Easily the best shooting guard ever and widely regarded as the best player to ever grace the court, Jordan played with and competed against some of the NBA's greatest players.

Jordan’s greatest teammate was Scottie Pippen, arguably the most impactful defensive wing to ever play the game. An elite passer as well, Scottie helped MJ win 6 titles. Jordan’s competitors were also legendary with the Los Angeles Lakers proving to be real threats in his era. Magic Johnson is the greatest point guard ever and the man who was often compared to MJ in terms of impact, especially when James Worthy was by his side. Finally, Hakeem Olajuwon is a dominant low post player who captured two straight NBA titles when Jordan retired prematurely.

In this current era, Kevin Durant is a superstar forward who has played with some of the game's best players. One of those is Stephen Curry, the greatest shooter ever, with whom he won 2 NBA titles. Durant also played with versatile defender Draymond Green, an incredible leader and presence on the court. Luckily for Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden have accompanied him in Brooklyn to form one of the most talented yet short-lived Big Threes ever.

Will Kevin Durant’s team of elite stars have enough to take on Michael Jordan’s lineup of Hall of Famers? Here is how a best of 7 series plays out between them.

Magic Johnson vs. Stephen Curry

Magic Johnson vs. Stephen Curry

Two opposites in playing style, Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry will compete in their own ways. Johnson is the best passer ever and will use his unique size to punish the smaller Curry inside the post while controlling the pace of the game.

Meanwhile, Curry will consistently move around the floor while his star teammates find him for open threes. Steph knows he gives up a lot in terms of size and will counter that by running his socks off to put pressure on Magic.

Michael Jordan vs. Kyrie Irving

Michael Jordan vs. Kyrie Irving

Both Michael Jordan and Kyrie Irving are score-first guards who do not mind taking all the shots on the court. MJ has a strength advantage over a smaller Kyrie and will dominate the series when he has the ball in his favorite spots.

Irving will not be able to stop Jordan on defense, but his three-point shooting will be key for Team Durant when the games are close. Irving can create his own offense, even against an elite defender in MJ, so taking shots will be on his mind from the start of the series.

Scottie Pippen vs. James Harden

Scottie Pippen vs. James Harden

Scottie Pippen knows his value will come on defense because Magic will be handling the ball and Jordan will be taking all the shots. Scottie proves to be the best defender in the series, holding a talented James Harden to only 33% shooting from three.

James Harden will struggle to dominate the series because Pippen’s defense will be suffocating at times. The forward is extremely long and will play in his natural position, forcing Harden to be a playmaker. The Beard will do that exceptionally well, averaging 10.2 APG in the series.

James Worthy vs. Kevin Durant

James Worthy vs. Kevin Durant

Big Game James Worthy will relish his chances against an ultra-talented Kevin Durant in this series. Worthy was an elite defender in his prime, but even he will not be able to stop Kevin Durant from averaging 30.0 PPG in the series.

Durant will have an excellent series as the best player for his team because his length and shooting ability makes him unguardable. Worthy will do a great job holding KD to under 47% shooting, but the lengthy swingman will still average 30.0 PPG which is the high for his team.

Hakeem Olajuwon vs. Draymond Green

Hakeem Olajuwon vs. Draymond Green

In a lopsided matchup, Hakeem Olajuwon will dismantle Draymond Green down low. Green is an elite defender, but Hakeem is simply too big and skilled to be stopped. Similar to Magic and Jordan, Olajuwon will dominate the series.

Green will compete as hard as he normally does, forcing Hakeem Olajuwon to fight through scrappy play. But Green will be outmatched throughout the series, and will instead have to focus on being the primary playmaker at times.

Team Jordan Advantages

Team MJ has the advantage in size and defense. Hakeem Olajuwon is the biggest and most dominant player in the series, and he happens to play with Jordan’s team.

James Worthy and Scottie Pippen are also sizable forwards with some of the best defense for the team. Jordan and Magic are full-sized guards as well, making the squad a difficult one to defend against.

Team Durant Advantages

Team Durant will need to focus on their shooting skills to counter the raw size and defensive abilities of their opponent. Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant are 4 of the best shooters of their generation.

Steph will need to get his shots up as much as possible to space the floor, and the other stars will also spread the floor. Draymond Green can also space the floor enough to be a threat, so Team Durant will have an edge in outside shooting.

Who Wins A Best-Of-7 Series?

Game 1 is a nail-biter. Team Durant and Team Jordan are locked in a high-scoring affair throughout the game, with the score 100-98 in favor of Team Durant to start the fourth quarter. There isn’t much defense, because both guards are pushing the ball and taking quick shots. But Durant takes over in the fourth, dropping 12 points including a jumper over James Worthy with 40 seconds left to give his side a 114-110 lead. But Team Jordan respond with a MJ jumper and a corner three by Magic to seal a 1-point victory. Key defensive stops prove to be the difference in this game and that sets the tone for the series.

Team Jordan come out in Game 2 with a vengeance, holding Team Durant to only 89 points in the game. Magic runs the show, dropping a triple-double and punishing Steph in the post. Johnson finishes with 29 points, 15 rebounds, and 10 assists to help blow out Team Durant 105-89.

Game 3 is another nail-biter, that falls to the final shot of the game. Draymond Green has his best game of the series, dropping 25 points and coming up with 3 steals and 2 blocks. With the score tied 90-90 with a minute left, Michael Jordan switches onto James Harden and punishes him with a fadeaway jumper. MJ comes up with a steal on Durant, before finishing an And-1 layup to seal the victory.

Team Durant needs to respond in Game 4, and they do courtesy of Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving. Curry finishes the game with a high of 33 points including 7-12 from three while Irving drops 8 straight points in the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach. With Michael only shooting 42%, Team Durant has a chance to stay alive. But the fourth quarter is all about Big Game James Worthy. The forward grabs a game-high 15 rebounds and comes up with 3 defensive stops against Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Stephen Curry in the final 2 minutes of the game. With each stop, Team MJ score courtesy of a Pippen three-pointer off a Jordan assist, and 2 “Dream Shakes” from Olajuwon. The game ends 104-96 in favor of Team MJ, and the series ends in a sweep.

Result: Team Jordan vs. Team Durant 4-0

Finals MVP: Michael Jordan 


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