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The 2012 “Big Three” or The 2015 “Splash Bros”?

miami-2013 or warriors 2015

Every team has their highs and lows. Some years they scrape the bottom of the ladder, hoping for some signs of life. While other years they fly high with success, making it to the top of the basketball world and basking in all it’s glory. This remains true for both the Miami Heat and the Warriors. And while right now they are in opposite positions of the totem pole, they both have had their moments of glory.

For the Heat, no moment may have been higher than that infamous 2012-2013 basketball season. With the “Big Three” now in their third year and being the defending champions, expectations were already high for the squad. Nobody expected, though, that they'd be as good as they were. They won 27 straight games that year, which was enough to count as second as the most wins in a row by a team in NBA history. In the end, they capped it off with a crazy NBA finals series (one of my personal favorites) to win the championship for the second time in a row and mark their names in the halls of NBA immortality. They were at the top of the world then, and nobody could bring them down.

For the Warriors, their high-flying moment came in the 2015 season, when they went 67-15 and went on to win their first NBA championship since 1975. And while just last year they won 73 games, you can’t really call it a success if they don’t close the deal. What made the 2015 season different is that nobody really saw it coming. The Warriors were on the uprise, but nobody knew to what extent. Steph Curry put on a show like nobody had ever seen.t grew to become the player everyone imagined. The team as a whole grabbed the attention of the NBA in a way not seen in a long, long time.

But what happens if you put these two teams against each other? What happens if you put that 2012 Miami Heat team and pin it against that crazy 2015 Golden State team? No doubt a matchup between the two teams would be something great to watch, only one could end up on top. So who would it be?

It’s going to be the team that has the best chemistry and plays the right way. The Warriors seem to have good chemistry on the outside, and they play the game in a way that makes every player want to play there. Their season was a fairy tail… and as good as that fairy tale was, it was venerable. The Warriors relied on their shooting, and if they didn’t shoot well? Their success ultimately depended on the teams shooting stroke that day.

But for the Heat? They had a culture that allowed them to win in multiple different ways. Their “Big Three” had such a balance of talent. You had Chris Bosh, the interior defender and stretch big. You had Dwyane Wade, the veteran finisher and closer.Then you had LeBron James, the best player in the world who could carry the team when they were having a bad day.

So in the end, my answer is the Heat. They had defenders who could neutralize the Warriors shooting. And without that shooting, Golden State just wouldn’t be as potent. The Heat had a roster, and all-stars, that allowed them to change the way they could win a game. And in the end, that ability gives that Heat team the edge

But unfortunately for us, a prediction is as good as it’s gonna get.

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