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The Best Destinations For Michael Jordan If He Wants To Return Right Now

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There's a wide consensus that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Naturally, there are always rumors and hope that we will be blessed with his presence on the court again. Although unlikely, MJ is a player that could possibly get it done.

A recent video showed Michael Jordan balling on an outdoor court and this has sparked discussion of whether he should return to the NBA again. After all, class is permanent and MJ is truly one of the greatest athletes to have ever played any sport. It was only 6 years ago when a then-51-year-old MJ beat Stephen Jackson in a 1-on-1 match.

If Mike Tyson can return to the ring at 54 years old, why can't Michael Jordan return to the basketball court? MJ is a beast at posting up and could give defenses fits in today's NBA where there is not much defensive resistance. In spurts of 15 to 20 minutes a game, MJ could certainly get this done.

Here are the best destinations for Michael Jordan if he was to return to the court.

5. Houston Rockets

Michael Jordan with the Houston Rockets would be absolutely amazing to watch. Jordan might not be the starting shooting guard ahead of current superstar James Harden, but he would certainly add another scoring piece to the team.

The reason that MJ would enjoy playing in Houston is because of Russell Westbrook. Westbrook has the same killer mentality that MJ had and plays with raw aggression and passion. Westbrook is certainly one of Michael Jordan's favorite players right now and he would relish playing alongside him.

We all know Michael Jordan loves the spotlight and would probably not like standing around as James Harden gets him the ball. Still, MJ would give the Rockets a third option on offense and could possibly be their third-best player at this point.

4. San Antonio Spurs

Michael Jordan would want to play for the San Antonio Spurs just to play with Greg Popovich as the coach. Pop seems to be getting closer to retirement, and how fitting would it be if MJ was to return in the twilight of Pop's career. Michael Jordan had an all-time great head coach in Phil Jackson, so being able to play for a second in Gregg Popovich would be amazing.

Perhaps most importantly, the Spurs are not a super team and are not challenging for an NBA title. What would be more impressive and more challenging for a guy like Michael Jordan, then to take a very average Spurs team into the playoffs? MJ can't play 40 minutes a game like he used to, but in 20 minutes of game, he can be very valuable.

3. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat famously retired Michael Jordan's #23 jersey out of honor and respect for his greatness. In typical Michael Jordan fashion, he might want to steal the headlines and unretire the number for a brief moment in time. MJ coming back, playing for the Heat, and unretiring the number would be a legendary move for him and for the league. MJ would give the Heat another scoring piece around Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

But most importantly, MJ playing for the Heat would be out of pure respect. Pat Riley is one of the greatest leaders in NBA history, both as a coach and as an executive, so MJ would relish playing under Riley. Pat Riley is also an old school legend who has ties with Michael Jordan, so this would be a great moment in NBA history if they were to collaborate on Jordan's return to the league.

2. Chicago Bulls

Of course, no team would be happier to have Michael Jordan back than the Chicago Bulls. Jordan gifted them six NBA titles, two three-peats, and an unbelievable amount of legendary moments. Michael Jordan changed sports forever, and he did it as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls are a very bad team, currently 10th in the East, and not going anywhere anytime soon. MJ would give him something to be excited about, perhaps boost the morale around the team, and also increase the competitiveness of the franchise. MJ joining a team like the Bulls and gaining them to relevance in the East would be yet another boost to his standing as the greatest player of all time.

1. Charlotte Hornets

Perhaps the best destination for Michael Jordan is the Charlotte Hornets. They have a real lack of talent and are nowhere near being a super team. Michael Jordan lifting them from the gutter and helping them be more competitive is a challenge that only he would relish. Jordan is also the owner of the Hornets where he hasn't done an admirable job, to say the least. Perhaps he should try his luck on the court, even at 57 years old.

MJ is famously known for pushing his players vocally, so he can finally get a chance to do this as an actual player alongside them. Michael Jordan would not want to join a super team or a team that's already a title contender, because that would just undermine his greatness. Rather, he would want to join a team like Charlotte Hornets and provide them excitement and competitiveness for around 20 minutes a game. Jordan 's hometown is also in Charlotte so he would be especially motivated to do so.

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