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The Best Destinations For The Future Big 3: D'Angelo Russell, Devin Booker And Karl-Anthony Towns

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When we think about a potential Big 3 in the NBA, oftentimes we discuss 3 All-Star caliber players in their primes. When you think about the most recent big three's, such as the Heat with James, Bosh, and Wade; all players were in their prime.

Looking into the future, there are three young stars who will be in their prime and at the top of their games. Devin Booker, Karl-Anthony Towns, and D'Angelo Russell are all young stars who have not even reached their peak yet. Some of them have become All-Stars, and one of them even managed a 70-point game this early on in his career.

A big three with Booker, KAT, and Russell would challenge the league's best players and might be the perfect core for an NBA Championship. If each of them decide on a particular big market, this could happen.

Here are the best destinations for this big three to happen.

New York Knicks


The Knicks are starved for talent. Since their failed playoff runs with Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire in 2012, the Knicks have had little enjoyment until the drafting of young star Kristaps Porzingis. Of course, the Knicks botched it up when Porzingis was later traded to the Mavericks in a shocking move.

If the Knicks can have a long-term vision, and create the cap space for three superstar players, the Big three of KAT, Booker, and Russell will reside in New York. The bright lights, the excitement, and dedicated fans will be very attractive to these three budding superstars and they might be the men to bring a championship (and plenty of joy) to a starving franchise.

Los Angeles Lakers


The LA Lakers are certainly not thinking about the future just yet, as they have two superstar players in LeBron and Anthony Davis. Their window is now, and at least for the next couple of years. But what happens when James finally hangs it up? Will Davis want to be part of a rebuild, or will he decide to try somewhere else?

It is very likely that Russell feels he has unfinished business in LA. If he can return with Booker and KAT, the Lakers will be back in business even without the game's greatest small forward of all time. It is always exciting for the league when the Lakers are winning, and adding these three players would create Laker history again.

Chicago Bulls


Last but not least, Chicago might be the perfect city for the future big three. A city that once had the goat Michael Jordan playing every night, the Bulls have not been relevant since Derrick Rose before his injuries. The Bulls have also been on a long rebuild, focusing on drafting and keeping young talent. But this can grow old quick, especially for a franchise that was spoiled by winning.

Russell, KAT, and Booker can join forces in the Windy City to create history for a legendary franchise once again. Russell's scoring prowess, mixed in with Towns' modern big play perfectly complements Booker's high volume scoring. All this excitement will be a joy to Chicago fans who certainly miss the glory days of the legendary Bulls teams.


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