The Best Targets For The Dallas Mavericks This Summer

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The Dallas Mavericks got off to a solid start of the season last year but eventually fell short of their goals as they favored player development over winning games, and truth to be told, it looks like it paid off.

And now that they don’t have Harrison Barnes’ contract on their books and that they’re going to have Kristaps Porzingis back at full strength, they could add some more pieces to strengthen their team.

With a lot of players set to become free agents in the summer, the Mavericks must be extremely cautious with the players they pursue, and today, we’re going to let you know about their top 7 choices:

7. Malcolm Brogdon

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Malcolm Brogdon is bound to become a restricted free agent and while the Milwaukee Bucks are reportedly high on him and want to keep him around, they may lose him if another team offers him too much money.

Brogdon is actually one of the most underrated players in the league. He can do a little bit of everything, guard and play multiple spots, and his smart and humble. He’s a plug guy that could fit on almost every system.

6. Ricky Rubio



The Utah Jazz made it clear to Ricky Rubio that they weren’t interested in extending his stay and now that they’ve traded for Mike Conley, the Spaniard will be on several team’s radars for sure.

Rubio is extremely unselfish and a great facilitator. He’d create a lot of shots for Doncic and Porzingis and is also European like them. Also, he’s an underrated defender that could really help hide Doncic’s flaws.

5. Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley Clippers

Patrick Beverley should get plenty of attention this summer after the way he played in the playoffs. Even though Durant eventually torched him, he did a pretty good job containing him and is one of the best defenders in the world.

Beverley is the kind of player coaches love. He’s willing to take a bullet for the team and his teammates, and won’t stop hustling despite the scoreboard. Also, he’s an above-the-average playmaker, so he’d be great next to Doncic.

4. Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez will also get paid big time this summer. He really reinvented himself and took his game to a whole new level with the Milwaukee Bucks, becoming a huge threat from beyond the arc.

So, while the Bucks may try to keep him for a couple of years, the Mavericks could offer him more money. Also, a Doncic, Lopez, Porzingis team is definitely enticing, even though defense may be an issue.

3. Al Horford


On a shocking turn of events, Al Horford changed his mind and is likely to leave the Boston Celtics in the summer in order to pursue the last lucrative deal of his career or an NBA Championship.

Well, the Mavericks can surely offer him a huge bag of money, and with his veteran leadership and mentorship, he could really help mold Porzingis’ game in terms of playmaking and defense, while also helping them make the playoffs.

2. Kemba Walker



As per several reports, the Dallas Mavericks are currently one of the frontrunners to land Kemba Walker in free agency, and while they’ll have to go toe-to-toe with the Boston Celtics, they’re pretty confident they can pull it off.

Walker is, at least in terms of statistics, something of the likes of Kyrie Irving 2.0, and he’d definitely help this team improve a lot right away. With him and Doncic on board, the Mavs would be a scoring machine for sure.

1. Jimmy Butler

NBA Rumors: Philadelphia Sixers Worried That Jimmy Butler May Leave In Free Agency

And finally, the Dallas Mavericks should try and make a run at fellow Texas native Jimmy Butler, one of the best free agents of this class and arguably a top-5 two-way player in the world right now.

Butler could really help them on the defensive end of the floor and also embrace a leadership role now that Dirk Nowitzki’s retired. It’s a long shot, but he’d be worthy of the try and every single dime of his contract.

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