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The Best Targets For The Philadelphia Sixers This Summer

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Philadelphia 76ers have a great number of opening roster spots. Interestingly enough, they have only 5 guaranteed contracts going into next season. Change is both inevitable in sports and exciting. Depending on what the Sixers do they could end up becoming a clear cut favorite to take the East next season.

Remember, they were one shot away from the ECF this past postseason. Here are our 6 free agency targets for Philadelphia this offseason.

6. Possible Role Players

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Philadelphia could use a stretch four and Nikola Mirotic more than fits that bill. The big man can rebound and operates well in space. Mirotic could be reminiscent of what Philly had with Ersan Ilyasova. A guy that does the little things which make a big difference. The capability of being a scorcher from deep range.

The Sixers should also look to a guy like Patrick Beverly whose addition could be an upgrade over TJ McConnell. It could also allow for Ben Simmons to be used in more of a point forward role. Beverly’s defensive prowess and ability to defer to others would make him loved in Philly. A pesky scrapper of a point guard for Philly to fall in love with.

Other big names could be possible shooters on the free agency market like Kyle Korver, Marcus Morris Sr., and Wayne Ellington. They need to find their new Redick or Belinelli like shooter if they want to continue their success. Brett Brown would definitely welcome some long-range bombers.

The best option would be if Redick resigns with the Sixers.

5. Tobias Harris

(via The Washington Post)

(via The Washington Post)

The cost may be steep, but continuity is priceless. Chemistry is broken by moving parts. Harris seems like a valuable commodity for Philly to have at their disposable. A stretch 4 that can play 3 positions with incredible efficiency. Philly is building a puzzle. You can continue to add pieces or work with the existing frame. Harris is no centerpiece, but he could be one of the corner pieces to hold the frame together.

4. Julius Randle

Julius Randle

The Sixers could get experimental this off-season and shock all of us by adding this big man to the fray. Randle is coming off a career season. The multi-faceted and skilled forward if he could work on his defense and outside shot could be a steal for Philly in free agency. One thing about Randle is he is already one of the top passing big men in the game. What if Randle and Embiid have ridiculous chemistry? A nightmarish frontcourt for sure.

3. D'Angelo Russell

D'Angelo Russell nba nets 1421412

Kyrie Irving is likely coming to Brooklyn. This potential move could force D’Angelo Russell to find a new home. Imagine if the Sixers forget about Harris or Butler and go with an elite PG on the rise. A big three of Russell, Simmons, and Embiid could run the east for years to come. Russell could slide to the 2 or be the Kyrie to Simmon’s LeBron. The ability for Russell to play off the ball makes for a nice fit.

2. Kemba Walker

NBA Rumors: Person Close To Kemba Walker Has Doubts About His Desire To Live In L.A.

Many fans share the same thought that Walker needs to end his marriage with the Charlotte Hornets. It was never destined to work. It was a bad relationship. Walker needs some semblance of talent around him. Joining the likes of Embiid and Simmons would only do wonders for Walker’s career. Maybe, a deep playoff run for once. Maybe, a championship run too.

1. Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler

As I had stated earlier in the article, the Sixers were one shot at the hands of Klaw from the ECF. A big reason for the Sixers deep playoff run was the stellar play from Butler. Butler was the heart and soul of this Philly team. A fearless leader and defensive juggernaut. Probably, not a tier A superstar per se, but still one of the best young two-way players in the NBA. Pay Butler over Harris all day and twice on Sundays.

The Philadelphia 76ers are like the Lakers of the East. Depending on what avenue they venture down this off-season, it’s a seesaw of either more success or destined failure. We will see if their front office is competent enough to make winning decisions going forward.

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