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The Biggest Gamble In New York Knicks History

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

I’ve been a fan of the NBA for a long time now and this is simply one of the most ridiculous trades I have ever seen.

But it’s the Knicks so I guess we shouldn’t be so surprised.

Within an hour of news hitting the national media that Kristaps Porzingis preferred to not play out his future in the Big Apple, he was sent packing in no time.

The package received in return is laughable.

I have a fairly open mind when it comes to watching from a distance how teams are run. As a Grizzlies fan primarily, the front office of that franchise has undoubtedly made some pretty big mistakes (cough cough trading two 2nd round picks for Justin Holiday).

To be fair, I am not one to say that this will 100% not work out. But risking your future on Dennis Smith Jr. is a blindfolded leap of faith. Especially considering the franchise drafted a player at the same exact position the pick before DSJ not even 20 months ago.

There are short term questions for Dallas but as I’ve learned in my own personal adventure of life, instant gratification over long term satisfaction is usually a bad idea and that’s exactly what the Knicks are going for.

Instant gratification will likely not come for the Mavs. Trading DeAndre Jordan away leaves Salah Mejri as the only healthy legitimate center on the team, Tim Hardaway Jr does not have the most attractive contract and is wildly inconsistent (although with this inconsistency still a very clear upgrade over Wesley Matthews), the possibility of Luka as a full time point guard although intriguing will still be an adjustment.

But simply, these growing pains on the surface really don’t seem as severe. The combination of Luka/Porzingis could have this team as legitimate contenders in 2-3 seasons if KP returns to form. That thought alone is worth the risk.

The growing pains for the Knicks are a different scenario.

There is one positive to be fair: as crazy as this sounds Dennis Smith Jr is now the very clear most talented player on an NBA team. He did just put up a 13/15/10 triple-double against..the Knicks his last game.

But it’s almost like James Dolan saw this game and was like “YOLO let’s get him” without any further analysis.

There are long term benefits from this trade for the Knicks to be fair:

- DSJ is still 21 years old.

- This move sheds a lot of cap

- If they happen to get the number 1 pick in the Zion sweepstakes, a DSJ/Zion combo is at the very least a fun idea.

- IF Zion is a New York Knick in 5 months, the franchise suddenly becomes an attractive free agent option in a big market and they will have plenty to spend.

To sit here and say this trade will absolutely not work out in the Big Apple is too early of a statement, but it just seems like the team is playing Texas Hold Em going all in with a 9/5 against pocket Aces.