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The Biggest Surprise of the Year: Seth Curry


The Currys are one of the most talented basketball families in the world. Father Dell Curry was a top three-point shooter during his playing days in the NBA.

Nowadays though, when we hear about the Currys, all eyes are usually on the 29-year-old sharp shooter - Steph Curry. The Golden State Warriors point guard is a Star in the NBA with fans all around the world adoring him and his sensational shooting skills.

This year though, the formation of the Golden State Warriors ‘Super-Team’ has meant that Steph has had a more quiet year, posting averages of 25.0 ppg and 6.3 apg on a 46% field-goal percentage. Curry is shooting 39.6% from the three-point line this year, down on his 45% three-point percentage from last year. Curry has been good for the Warriors this year but he hasn’t been as good as we’ve seen him before due to Kevin Durant’s addition to the Golden State Warriors roster.

Meanwhile in Texas, the Dallas Mavericks seem to have been the key location for a younger brother, Seth Curry (26 years old). Seth has spent most of his basketball career in the NBA’s D-League after spending his college years at Liberty University (one year) and Duke (four years, one year in which Curry didn’t play any basketball).

Last year we seen Seth playing with the Sacramento Kings for a total of 44 games. In that time with the Kings, Seth averaged 15.7 minutes per game and he recorded 6.8 ppg and 1.5 apg.

Curry seems to be fitting in well with a Mavericks team who seem to really be coming into their own at this stage of the NBA season as they make a push to qualify for the NBA Playoffs.

Curry has started for the Mavs in 37 games so far this season and he plays an average of 29 minutes per game. Curry records 12.7 ppg, 2.7 apg and 2.6 rpg on a 48% field-goal percentage. Not quite like what his older brother (Steph) does on the court but it’s still good numbers that Seth is putting up. Seth can also shoot effectively from the three-point line as he currently averages 42.4% from behind the arc, higher than brother Steph who is currently only averaging 39.6% from the three.

Seth has been a valuable player for the Mavericks this season, with us seeing him start 37 games this season. We won’t see Curry becoming a ‘Star’ starting point guard in the NBA but he could be a valuable addition to weaker teams like the Philadelphia 76ers or the Brooklyn Nets if he chooses to depart Dallas.

Definitely a major improvement this year for Seth, a talent who nobody thought would make much noise this year in the NBA.

The question is can he help the Dallas Mavericks (who currently lie tenth in the Western Conference) qualify for the Playoffs? Only time will tell though so we’ll just have to wait and see.


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