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The Biggest Winning Streaks To Start An NBA Season: Warriors Went 24-0 In 2016, Rockets 15-0 In 1994

The Biggest Winning Streaks To Start An NBA Season: Warriors Went 24-0 In 2016, Rockets 15-0 In 1994

NBA teams strive to win games at all costs because that places them in a position to acquire higher seeding to gain advantages in the playoffs. Often, getting off to a headstart is a perfect way for teams to build chemistry and kickstart a winning streak. Throughout NBA history, we have seen some great teams get off to incredible starts to the new season.

We have collected the 5 teams with the best-undefeated records to start a season. Right now, the Utah Jazz have the best start in the NBA with 4 straight wins to start the 2021-2022 season. But there have been teams that have won many more games than 4 straight, exceeding 10 straight games without losing. As expected, many of these teams ended up having deep playoff runs and even making the Finals. Here are the teams with the most wins to start a new NBA season.

5. Boston Celtics - 1958 (14-0)

The 1958 Boston Celtics were one of the best teams in NBA history to not win in the NBA Finals, despite holding the #1 seed in the Eastern Division with a 49-23 record. Led by Hall of Fame coach Red Auerbach, superstar Bill Russell (16.6 PPG and 22.7 RPG), and leading scorer Bill Sharman (22.3 PPG); the Celtics began the season with 14 straight wins and were expected to be in the Finals.

That was exactly the case, as the Celtics made quick work of the Philadelphia Warriors before losing to the St. Louis Hawks in 6 games in the Finals. Boston had everything on the roster from superstar bigs to excellent guard play (29-year-old Bob Cousy), but they could not capitalize with a championship. Nonetheless, the 1958 Celtics had one of the greatest seasons ever by starting off with 14 undefeated games.

4. Dallas Mavericks - 2003 (14-0)

The Dallas Mavericks, led by their star duo of Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash, started the NBA season 14-0 in 2003. Dirk was at his best, averaging 25.1 PPG and 9.9 RPG, while Nash chipped in 17.7 PPG and 7.3 APG. Both players made their second straight All-Star appearances with Dirk making All-NBA Second Team and Nash making All-NBA Third Team.

The duo of Nowitzki and Nash were a difficult one to stop because both stars could stretch the floor and also had high basketball IQ. Along with these two stars, Michael Finley chipped in 19.3 PPG as a starter while 6th man extraordinaire Nick Van Exel averaged 12.5 PPG off the Mavericks bench. The Mavericks were only one game short of the then-record of 15 straight games won by the Houston Rockets, but could not take advantage as they lost in the Western Conference Finals to the San Antonio Spurs.

3. Washington Capitols - 1949 (15-0)

Way back in 1949, the Washington Capitols started the season 15-0. Without many highlights to show what the team did back in the day, it is still impressive for a team to go undefeated for 15 games in a professional basketball league. Known as the BAA, the Capitols were a force to start the season thanks to their core of Bob Feerick and Bones McKinney.

Both Feerick and McKinney made the All-NBA Second Team and led the way for Washington to make the BAA Finals. Coming up against George Mikan and the Minneapolis Lakers was no easy feat, as they fell to the eventual champions in 6 games. While not capping off a record season in 1949, Washington is still a city that holds a record with the second-best start to a basketball season.

2. Houston Rockets - 1994 (15-0)

The 1994 Houston Rockets ended up becoming NBA champions thanks to the superstar presence of Hakeem Olajuwon. The Dream averaged 27.3 PPG, 11.9 RPG, 3.6 APG, 1.6 SPG, and 3.7 BPG to win the MVP and later the Finals MVP. Alongside him were confident role players including Vernon Maxwell, Kenny Smith, and Otis Thorpe. With a roster filled with shooters, defenders, and competitors; Hakeem had enough to win his first championship.

Without Michael Jordan playing for the Bulls, the Rockets were the best team in the league and started the season 15-0. The wins came too easy for them, as Hakeem averaged 26.1 PPG, 13.5 RPG, and 4.1 BPG in that stretch. Head coach Rudy Tomjanovich led out a historic team against the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden, winning the game and tying the then-record of 15 straight wins to start a season.

1. Golden State Warriors - 2016 (24-0)

No surprise here, but the Golden State Warriors started the season 24-0 before breaking the win-loss record for a season at 73-9. Stephen Curry was the league MVP averaging a league-leading 30.1 PPG on 50-40-90 shooting. Alongside him were All-Stars Klay Thompson (22.1 PPG) and Draymond Green (14.5 PPG), and also the best coach in the NBA at that point in Steve Kerr.

Starting the season 24-0 was a sign of things to come because no team had better ball movement than the Warriors. It is no wonder why Kevin Durant leaped at the chance to join them in 2017 after constantly feeling stagnated in Oklahoma City. With Curry and Klay draining threes and Draymond Green playing like one of the best defenders in the league, the Warriors got off to the best start in history with an undefeated streak that will likely never be eclipsed. 

Credit for stats: crossnposter/Instagram


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