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The Dream Might Come True: The Superpowered Los Angeles Lakers


The Lakers got the prize of a lifetime with LeBron, who agreed to a four-year, $153.3 million deal this past summer. Immediately, the Lakeshow went from bottom feeders to Western Conference elites. But when LeBron went down mid-season with a pretty severe groin injury, it exposed the Lakers for what they really were: not enough.

LeBron's absence only showed the team, and the world, just how unprepared they are to really compete.

Their solution is Anthony Davis, who recently announced he would not resign with the Pelicans. They've saved up their assets in an effort to make a run at him this summer. But his recent trade request has changed some things on that front, and there's additional pressure for the team to make a move now.

But it extends to more than just Davis. The Lakers could essentially end up with three superstars if they play their cards right. USA Today's Chris Ross alluded to the idea back in November:

The Lakers currently have room to add one maximum salary, and could make room for another with a few roster moves. Durant is rumored to favor the Lakers as a free agency destination, and Anthony Davis is shares an agent with LeBron. Perhaps this has been Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka’s vision all along.

Luring Anthony Davis to Los Angeles in the same summer as Kevin Durant can only happen via trade, and, though they have several enticing young assets, the Lakers aren’t guaranteed to win a bidding war for Davis.

Making it work would be a bit complicated, and the Lakers would probably have to give up anyone making a significant paycheck. But if they trade for Davis, it's possible to have enough space for Kevin Durant as well.

With KD, LeBron, and Davis, the Lakers would immediately become the favorites to win the Championship. Sure, it's a long-shot dream. But it's not a dream that's far from reality.