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The Future of NBA Draft: NBA Tournament. More Than Lottery.


Are you tired of teams that enter the season with the ambition to lose all games? Do these teams even deserve to play in the NBA league? Has the time come to make some changes in order to keep the spirit of sport and competitive spirit alive throughout the whole season?

In the last few seasons, a model of tanking has been present, because teams like Philadelphia have recognized a way to get a better player on the draft and by doing so, strengthen the team in the easiest possible way.

Philadelphia Sixers Code: 37-127

With Noel and Embiid, they have a chance to make young Twin Towers and return to the playoff scene after several seasons. This year too, they were one of the worst teams, because why bother making an effort and achieving a good result while Embiid is hurt and Saric is not there.

Noel already played one season, they got the 3rd pick in the next draft and they can make a perspective team in three seasons without any problems. Who cares about basketball fans?

The last two seasons combined Philadelphia has a 37-127 record. Their fans pay to watch the team that loses the matches and does not improve itself because they want to get young talents on the draft.

Philadelphia 76ers selected Jahlil Okafor and they will have young core with Noel, Embiid, Saric and Okafor. But, how many years their fans must wait and who can guarantee that they can be a factor on the Eastern Conference? Nobody.

The Tanking War: Become a Loser to get What You Want. Is That the Spirit of Sport?

Tanking War

The Sixers are not the only ones. We have Orlando after Dwight Howard era. There is also Boston which, after Pierce and Garnett left, are lost in rebuilding.

New York selected Porzingis and last season they played for the picks, not for the NBA Playoffs. I'm sure if they do not sign Marc Gasol or someone else, Carmelo will not play in the playoff again.

Lakers selected DÁngelo Russell, and if they do not sign a superstar this summer, we can expect one more year of tanking.

Minnesota has Wiggins and Bennet (1st picks on the draft), and they want one more top pick this year. And they selected Towns. So, they have three 1st picks in the last three seasons. Are you sure that Karl Towns will bring the NBA Playoffs after 11 years? I'm not.

In the last twoseasons, we had 20 teams fighting for the playoffs and 10 teams tanking. And there will be more and more teams like this, so this raises the question - how many teams are actually competing for the playoffs and the title and how many are competing for the picks and the draft?

Due to the well-known way of draft order, the ones who are losing the most are fans all over the world. NBA has to change the draft order because matches are becoming less interesting, the winners between playoff and tanking teams are known in advance and all that makes no sense.

Photo Source: Associated Press

Photo Source: Associated Press

Every season we have a group of NBA teams who are competing for the top pick on the draft.

There is a way to reduce the luck factor in the draft order. Teams must deserve the pick from top 5.

The New Model of NBA Draft Order

Photo Source: Fadeaway World

Photo Source: Fadeaway World

We can change the future ofdraft order. Fans want to see more from basketball than tanking. NBA fans live for “Win or go Home” games. We have a model, and that is a tournament.

Home court, win and go through the next round. You can buy a ticket and watch your team in the most important game. One game, one win.

What more do you want? Tanking and losing to get a top pick or playing and winning to get a chance to draft the future best player in the world?

There are two opposite ways, two opposite philosophies. Now we have: tanking for the future. Become a loser to get what you want. Is that the spirit of sport? Is that the spirit of basketball? That is not a spirit that will inspire people around the world. NBA is not tanking. Players should compete for every ball, every point, every rebound, every steal, every block and every assist. Everything matters.

NBA is more than basketball.

We introduce a new model of NBA draft order.

Tournament “Win for the Future”

Photo Source: Fadeaway World

Photo Source: Fadeaway World

Fight for picks. Compete for the Prospects. Tournament – “Win for the Future”.

The first 16 teams that go to the playoffs will be fighting for the title. The other 14 teams will participate in Tournament “Win for the Future”.

The ninth place in the East and in the West would go directly into the quarterfinals, while the remaining 12 teams would fight to get through.

The system would be such that only one match would be played, like in a cup competition. The team with the better (higher) standings in the regular season gets the home court advantage.

The teams that fall out would also be ranked by the regular standings.

If there were teams that finished equal (semi-finals of the tournament, ninth in the East and ninth in the West), the results of the matches between each of the tied teams in the season and the points difference would be taken into consideration.

That way, every match would matter, and there would be no resting of players (for tanking teams) anymore because each defeat would mean getting the pick from a weaker position.

The last team in the league would get an impossible mission - to win four consecutive away games. The East and the West would be separated like in the playoffs, and the finalists would fight for the pick in the draft.

That way, we can make a balance and NBA could make a profit because the cup would bring excitement and a real competition.

Something like NCAA tournament, but the stake would be much higher - competing for the top talents in the world.

The New Brand: NBA Tournament. More Than Lottery.

Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images

Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images

The cup competition could be held at the same time as the beginning of the playoffs, so the intensity of watching the matches and the TV ratings would beat all records.

NBA would have a chance to make a brand out of this tournament because it would be dedicated to young players.

The tournament would show that they would have to compete for the best players on the court and not in the draft lottery. This competition would cause huge changes in the way we understand sport. Philadelphia and similar teams could lose all matches, but that would mean they would have to play four away games to get the top picks.

Just imagine now, if NBA organized the Tournament “Win for the Future”, what hype there would be in the world of basketball if a new LeBron, Carmelo or Wade appeared in a college. The teams with home court advantage would have fantastic attendance because they would be fighting for the future.

You want to tank? You will not have the home court advantage, you will have to win four consecutive away games and you will never get the top picks.

NBA could divide the profits from this tournament, so that the NBA champions get the most and other teams get a certain percentage depending on the playoff standings and the tournament "Win for the Future.”

NBA draft would still be held, so NBA would not lose profit and there would still be interest in choosing picks, but the draft order would be determined in the tournament, not through the lottery.

If a team deliberately chose to play in the tournament (the teams which are between the eighth and the ninth place) instead of the playoffs, who guarantees that they will win a game? Nobody.

On one side, we would have a fight for the title, and on the other side, we would have a fight for the picks.

The way of thinking would completely change, and instead of ‘get the top picks by losing’, there would be a system ‘get the top picks by winning’.

Tournament “Win for the Future” would represent an honest, fair play and sporting way of choosing the best young players, because the team that won in the competition would have the advantage.

NBA league needs changes in the draft order. We will see in what way they will face the problem that is destroying both sport and basketball.