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The Game Everyone Wants To Watch: Old School Adidas vs. New School Adidas

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Adidas is one of the main basketball (and sports-related) brands worldwide, so naturally, they’ve always found a way to feature the greatest athletes in the world, luring young ballers to buy their products.

Over the course of history, Adidas has inked some of the most talented players to ever set foot on an NBA hardwood, trying to step up and keep up with fierce competitors of the likes of Nike or Air Jordan.

Today, we’re going to talk about the game everybody would love to see, the Old School Adidas team going at it against the New School Adidas team, to try and determine which era has been better for the three-striped brand.

Old School Adidas Team

PG: Derrick Rose


Adidas got Derrick Rose when he first entered the league and took it for assault right out of the gate, with the young point guard peaking during his first couple of seasons in the NBA as the Chicago Bulls ultimate leader and new hope.

Rose would go on and win the MVP before injuries took a major toll on his career, but if we’re talking about prime DRose here, we’re talking about a slower version of Russell Westbrook, but a way better finisher and more willing facilitator.

SG: Gilbert Arenas

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Gilbert Arenas was considered to be the best player (not named Michael Jordan) to ever wear a Washington Wizards uniform, mostly because of his offensive outbursts and ability to put defenders on skates with his crafty moves.

Arenas career got off to a terrible end following several off-court incidents, one of them even including guns in the team locker room, but before that, he was among the league’s leaders in points on a yearly basis.

SF: Tracy McGrady


If you want points, you can always rely on Tracy McGrady, one of basketball’s most talented scorers ever and a guy nobody was able to slow down and contain with the rock on his hands due to his endless toolbox.

McGrady could pull up, catch and shoot, drive through the lane and even pass the ball to himself using the backboard, so regardless of how many players you threw at him, he was always going to get what he wanted.

PF: Tim Duncan


Tim Duncan is perhaps the greatest low profile superstar in the history of basketball, a humble hard working man that always found ways to do his job and make a huge impact in both ends of the hardwood as a huge presence down low.

Duncan was a terrific rim protector as well as being able to put over 20 points on the scoreboard with his unorthodox shooting for, and had one of the highest basketball IQs this league has ever seen.

C: Kevin Garnett


KG is one of the few players in NBA history to have won both the Most Valuable Player award and the Defensive Player of the Year award, so you know what kind of talent we’re talking about when we talk about The Big Ticket.

Garnett was such a dominant scorer in the low post during his Minnesota Timberwolves stint as well as being a top-tier rim protector. His trash talking, his hustle and his great heart always made him a guy to look up to and a huge fan favorite.

6th man: Dwight Howard


And we got Dwight Howard as their main guy off the bench, a dominant rebounder and shot blocker that could put the biggest men in the world on a poster after he took off to dunk with authority.

Dwight’s post game was always limited and his free throw shooting was mediocre at best, but he always found ways to be a huge factor in both ends of the hardwood due to his physical gifts and advantages.

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The Game Everyone Wants To Watch: Old School Adidas vs. New School Adidas

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New School Adidas Team

PG: Damian Lillard


It’s Dame time now for Adidas, as the three stripe brand is trusting the young Portland Trail Blazers superstar to pull the strings of their offense, although we already know he’s not going to hesitate to pull up and take as many shots as he wants.

Dame has grown to become the clutchest player in all basketball, and his determination to prove he’s part of NBA elite made him a fierce competitor with ice on his veins, the kind of player we all want on our team.

SG: James Harden


James Harden is by far Adidas’ biggest acquisition over the last couple of years, as he’s become a yearly frontrunner to win the MVP award and has led the Rockets to the best record in all basketball this campaign.

Harden is the league’s most unstoppable scorer and has grown to be an elite playmaker as well, with his lone liability being his lack of effort on the defensive end. Still, he’s deadly on passing lanes, and you know he’s going to get you in foul trouble.

SF: Andrew Wiggins

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Andrew Wiggins has a lot of talent but is yet to fulfill his true potential, mostly because he tends to hide when it matters the most and looks kind of bored and uncommitted on the defensive end through key stretches of the game.

Still, he’s got a highly developed skill set and a very high ceiling, and he’s one of the most explosive and athletic players when he decides to drive to the lane and take off to posterize his opposition.

PF: Kristaps Porzingis


The Unicorn is one of Adidas’ bets for the future, so if he manages to stay healthy (the lone question mark rising over his head), he’s going to have a lot of signature shoes and a huge paycheck at the end of the month.

Porzingis is an underrated defender, a great passer and a top-notch scorer with a sweet stroke from beyond the arc, as well as being such a great ball handler for his height. Nonetheless, he still has a lot of room for improvement, but that should only encourage him going forward.

C: Joel Embiid

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Joel Embiid was such a risky bet for both the Philadelphia 76ers and Adidas, but he’s already proven that he was worth the gamble and that he’s going to be around for a very long time as one of the league’s biggest stars.

Embiid has the potential to become the league’s best big man with his great impact in both ends of the floor, as he’s already an unstoppable scorer that can finish through contact and draw a lot of fouls, while also being a standout rim protector.

6th man: John Wall


And the New School Adidas squad is trusting John Wall with as their 6th man, one of the best point guards in the league that has proved all of his detractors wrong on a yearly basis, constantly being among the league’s leaders in both dimes and steals.

Wall is the fastest guy in the league, a one-man fast break with eyes on the back of his head, and one of the most underrated backcourt defenders in all of the NBA, so he’s set to become a major factor off the bench.

Game Analysis

This one won’t be an easy task, as both squads feature a lot of balance on their ranks, with the Old School Adidas team having a clear advantage when we talk about rim protection and low post defense with Duncan and Garnett as their twin towers and Dwight Howard off the bench.

Rebounding would also be another point in Old School Adidas’ team favor, but three-point shooting definitely goes to New School Adidas, with all 6 players more than capable of consistently knocking down shots from deep.

Also, Old School Adidas team doesn’t feature much backcourt defenders, so that’s definitely going to be a huge problem with Lillard and Harden constantly pulling up, while Wiggins tries to attack T-Mac and get him into foul trouble.

We obviously expect this game to go down to the wire, with Arenas and McGrady taking care of business early with a lot of points and Old School Adidas’ team trying to lock down the paint to jump to an early lead.

Nonetheless, New School Adidas’ up-tempo offense and streaky shooting from beyond the arc is more than enough to get back on this game on the blink of an eye, with James Harden leading the way with 35 points and 11 dimes.

At the end of the game, we expect the old school to take this one after a double overtime, with McGrady hitting the game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer from way downtown on their way to a 141-140 victory.

Box Score

Old School Adidas Team:

Derrick Rose (25 points, 7 assists), Gilbert Arenas (17 points, 11 assists, Tracy McGrady (35 points, 7 three-pointers), Tim Duncan (24 points, 11 rebounds, 5 blocks), Kevin Garnett (23 points, 10 rebounds), Dwight Howard (17 points, 25 rebounds).

New School Adidas Team:

Damian Lillard (23 points, 5 rebounds), James Harden (35 points, 11 rebounds, 13 assists), Andrew Wiggins (17 points), Kristaps Porzingis (24 points, 4 blocks), Joel Embiid (20 points, 11 rebounds), John Wall (21 points, 14 assists).