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The Game Everyone Wants To Watch: Raptors All-Time Five vs. Cavs All-Time Five

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Raptors and the Cavaliers have had some of the game’s most exciting players, and it would be a joy to watch them compete with one another.

Even if some of these players joined towards the end of their careers, it would be exciting to watch them in their primes. Both franchises have also sported some of the game’s most iconic figures en route to championships.

Here is the game we all want to see.

Raptors All-Time Team

Point Guard: Tracy McGrady

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

T-Mac, although renowned for his supreme scoring ability, is one of the best passers of the ball at his position we have ever seen. He is a lock for the Raptors at point guard and will be the main man to run the show.

Not to be outdone on the scoring charts, McGrady will also score the ball whenever he feels necessary. As one of the most exciting Raptors in his younger days, McGrady will be handling the ball.

Shooting Guard: Vince Carter


Vince Carter is arguably the game’s best dunker and the Raptor’s most iconic figure. He upheld the franchise for many years, making them relevant until Chris Bosh and later- Kawhi Leonard.

Carter can score with the best of the players on the court, and will also manage to pull off some spectacular dunks as well. He will form an exciting backcourt with his former teammate Tracy McGrady.

Small Forward: Kawhi Leonard

(via India)

(via India)

Kawhi Leonard is one of the best defensive players of all-time and the man who delivered the first championship for the Raptor’s franchise. Leonard is a machine on both ends of the court and will be the best perimeter player for the Raptors.

A handful offensively, he will score the ball in bunches whole defending the main man on the Cavaliers.

Power Forward: Chris Bosh

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

Chris Bosh is a perfect four in today’s game, thanks to his ability to nail shots from anywhere and defend the paint. He is one of the Raptor’s best players ever, putting up amazing numbers when he played for them in his prime.

Bosh will be tasked with hitting mid-range jumpers and corner threes when he is open.

Center: Hakeem Olajuwon


Hakeem “The Dream” joined the Raptors in his final NBA season, and it would be amazing to watch his performance in his prime. Hakeem will be a terror on the offensive end, scoring the ball and finishing with a beautiful set of post moves and layups.

As good as the opposing big man is for the Cavs, Hakeem will likely produce big numbers.

Cavaliers All-Time Team

Point Guard: Kyrie Irving


Without a doubt, Kyrie is a Cavs legend thanks to his incredible game-winning shot over Stephen Curry to seal the Cav’s first championship.

Kyrie is a legitimate 20+ ppg scorer, who will lead the line for the Cavs. Kyrie is more of a scorer, which fits in perfectly with the rest of his Cavaliers teammates.

Shooting Guard: Dwyane Wade

NBA: Top 10 Best Sixth Men In The League Dwyane Wade

Wade is a HOF shooting guard who has been a major factor at the guard position since he came into the league.

Wade will be the man to finish on the break, defend Vince and Tracy, and form a nightmare partnership with Kyrie and LeBron James.

Small Forward: LeBron James


The greatest Cavalier of all time, LeBron James will be the main man for the Cavaliers against the Raptors. As the best player on the floor, he will be asked to play the role of a primary playmaker to set up his perimeter buddies Wade and Irving.

LeBron will have the ball in his hands most of the time, and the game will flow according to his tempo.

Power Forward: Kevin Love



Love will easily start at power forward since he was one of the Big 3 with LeBron and Kyrie that won the title.

Love is a similar player to Bosh, and will likely replicate his production for the Cavs. While there are many battles in this game, Love and Bosh is one of the most interesting ones to watch.

Center: Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal cavs

Shaq will be tasked to deal with Hakeem defensively, and also be the most dominant force we have ever seen in the paint offensively. Shaq is also the man to rise to a challenge, and he will be a major factor for the Cavs victory in this game.

With LeBron and Shaq, the Cavs will simply be too physically dominating and the Cavs will sneak by in a very close affair.

Game Analysis

With many of the league’s best stars on both teams, the game will be explosive offensively and even get ugly at times.

The Raptors have an excellent mix of athleticism with Carter and McGrady, and amazing scorers down low with Bosh and Hakeem. Kawhi will be the man tasked with defending LeBron James and taking the big shots at the end of the shot clock. Even with Carter and T-Mac on the floor, Kawhi will be the one with the ball in case Hakeem is well covered.

The Cavs will balance out the Raptor's scoring with Kyrie and Wade, while LeBron James will run the show. James chemistry with Wade and Kyrie is well documented, and that will be the major role in this game.

Shaq will be dominant as usual, but will also have to defend Hakeem all night. Love will meet Noah's production on both ends.

At the end of the game, Dwyane Wade will provide the pivotal bucket down the stretch. From a quick lapse in defense from the Raptors, Wade will have a quick drive to the bucket that will put Cleveland up by two to win the game.

Final Result

All-Time Raptors vs. All-Time Cavs 118-120


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