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The Last Chance For The Banana Boat: 2020 Los Angeles Lakers

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LeBron James has always been the type of player who seems to get along with everybody. He has often had the chance to play with the players he is best friends with, most notably Dwyane Wade in Miami. Even on the court, he makes guys better.

Yet, there is still talk of the games Banana Boat crew led by LeBron James. Now that he is on the Lakers, this is seemingly more likely by the passing month.

Here are the guys that would make this dream come true.

Carmelo Anthony

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

Melo is still out of a job, despite being a first-ballot HOF in most people's eyes. Melo can still score and can be an offensive threat thanks to his experience and passion for the game.

If there is a player who can convince management to give Melo a shot, it's LeBron. After all, James has always been a player who thrives alongside bonafide scorers and Melo might still have some left in the tank. Bringing in Melo to join James would be a dream come true for many NBA fans.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul Thunder

Next up, legendary point guard Chris Paul. CP is one of the best ever to play the point guard position, and he still has quite a lot in the tank. Despite being traded by the Rockets, who simply wanted to get younger, Paul can still be capable of performing at a near All-Star level.

Paul with James and Melo would be a nightmare for defenses across the NBA, as their games will translate perfectly on the floor and their personalities even more so off the floor.

Of course, Chris Paul could join LeBron on the Lakers if he allows OKC to buy him out.

Paul would also relieve James from the ball-handling and playmaking burden and gift guys easy baskets. Not to mention, this might be Paul's best shot at an NBA title.

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade's Classy Response To Paul Pierce Saying He Had A Better Career

Last, but not least, HOF shooting guard Dwyane Wade. Wade and LeBron have played with each other twice for two different teams, most recently with Cleveland. While that did not turn out as well as it did in Miami, it was enjoyable watching them perform together while it lasted.

Now might be the perfect time to make it happen one final time. Despite retiring last year, Wade might still be up for one final run with his running buddies James, Paul, and Melo.

The chemistry between James and Wade on the floor is well documented, but playing with CP and Melo would simply make them too much to handle- especially with AD completing an incredible lineup.

2020 Banana Boat In LA

The teaming up of these three stars alongside James and Davis would wreak havoc across the East. There will be nobody to stop them in the East, and even Leonard and George will struggle to slow down the talented five in the West.

The Lakers seem primed for the Playoffs already, thanks to their depth of guys including Rondo, Bradley, and McGee, and adding these three stars to that team would be perhaps the most exciting story of the year.

The Banana Boat crew will ultimately bring an NBA title back home to Los Angeles.


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