The Most Important NBA Rumors: Al Horford, Kawhi Leonard And Jimmy Butler

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The Most Important NBA Rumors: Al Horford, Kawhi Leonard And Jimmy Butler

The 2019 NBA free agency is upon us and rumors increase every day, driving fans crazy to know what will happen with their teams as soon as the transfer market opens this Sunday. While things start to look clear for some franchises, there are others that still have no clue about how their squads will look like next season.

If you are one of those who can’t catch up with the pace of the rumors in the association during these days, we have listed off some of the biggest stories regarding the free agency. This year is expected to be a very entertaining one seeing the quality of players who will be trying their luck in the market, and now we’ll let you know what might happen from June 30 onwards with your favorite players and teams.

Here are the latest NBA rumors.

Kings Expected To Offer 4-Year, $90 Million Deal To Harrison Barnes

Harrison Barnes

Despite the fact that he hasn’t been the superstar some people believed he could be when he entered the NBA, there are still franchises that think Harrison Barnes is a very good addition to them and won’t hesitate to offer him a very lucrative deal.

Earlier this month Barnes decided to decline his $25.1 million player option with the Sacramento Kings, but that was a moved aimed to get a new deal with the Californians. It appears that a reunion between the Kings and Barnes is in the making. According to Marc Stein of The New York Times, Sacramento is set to offer Barnes a four-year and nearly $90 million contract once the free agency opens.

Terry Rozier Willing To Taking A Short-Term One Or Two-Year Deal

Terry Rozier

Following an overwhelming season in Boston, Terry Rozier is set to take his talents out of TD Garden and find himself a new team ahead of next season, with several reports indicating the guard might be making his way to the Big Apple this summer.

Ever since the Celtics were favored to land Kemba Walker this offseason, Rozier has been getting closer to a move to New York, as Terry and the New York Knicks have mutual interest according to the NY Post. If he chooses to become a UFA, Terry Rozier is open to taking a short-term one or two-year deal.

Kawhi Leonard ‘Seriously Considering’ The Lakers

Adrian Wojnarowski: “Raptors Still Have A Lot Of Work To Do” With Kawhi Leonard

After a sensational first season with the Toronto Raptors, in which he took the team to win their first ever NBA championship, Kawhi Leonard is thought to be heading through the exit door of the Scotiabank Arena with his new destination believed to be Los Angeles. However, as not many would think, his new team might not be the Clippers.

In fact, Leonard has given the Lakers hope ahead of free agency, as he’s starting to see a move to Lakerland with different eyes. After the Lakers cleared enough cap space to afford another max player, some Purple and Gold fans started to dream of the Klaw, and according to Stephen A. Smith, Leonard "is seriously considering" joining LeBron James and Anthony Davis at Staples Center.

Kevin Durant Will Take Decision On His Future Independently Of Partnering Up With Another Free Agent

NBA Rumors: Warriors 'Open' To Sign-And-Trade Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s next team remains unknown for everybody around the league given the latest on the forward’s future. It was believed that KD was seeing a move to Brooklyn with good eyes, but now things are different, as KD is not trying to make big duos this free agency.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Chris Montano), ‘Kevin Durant is really trying to make a decision independently of partnering up with anybody,’ so those reports suggesting Kyrie was trying to recruit him to the Nets might be worthless now. Durant has stated he can’t be recruited in the past and now he’s proving it.

Despite being injured and expected to miss the entire 2019/20 NBA season, no one doubts that KD will receive a max offer from any team interested in him.

Kings And 76ers Emerge As Surprise Bidders For Al Horford


Al Horford is already out of Boston and looking for a new team now. The Dominican big man has been tracked by several teams across the league, including the likes of the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers.

He’s expected to hold meetings in the next couple of days, but now it looks like he would have to add a few more appointments since new bidders have emerged for his services. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst has reported that the Kings and 76ers emerged as "surprise bidders" for Al Horford, who is expected to get a four-year deal for $100+ million.

Houston Rockets Offering Clint Capela And Eric Gordon To Land Jimmy Butler

Eric Gordon and Clint Capela

The Houston Rockets have made Jimmy Butler their top priority for this upcoming free agency, and the Texans are keen to land him at any cost, even if they have to get rid of some of their best players for him.

Rockets’ insider Alykhan Bijani has reported that Houston has been offering Clint Capela and Eric Gordon in trades to get assets that can convince the Philadelphia 76ers to do a sign-&-trade for Butler. Before the draft, the team reportedly had discussions with the Nets, Celtics and Pelicans.

Warriors Planning To Offer 5-year, $190 Million Deal To Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson

Not only Kevin Durant is an important story for the Golden State Warriors this summer, as one of the Splash Brothers, Klay Thompson, is also entering free agency, with teams like the Los Angeles Lakers waiting for the Warriors to take a false step and steal Thompson out of San Francisco as soon as they can.

Well, the Dubs have gotten to work to retain the shooting guard and, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Warriors are planning to offer a five-year, $190M max deal to keep the All-Star, and sources say a deal might be completed by Sunday night.