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The Most Realistic Way LeBron James Can Surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LeBron James is one of the most gifted athletes the world has ever seen, and that has never been put in doubt. Even at age 33, he’s still knocking everybody off their feet and collecting milestones as candy.

James just became the league’s 5th All-Time leading scorer by scoring 44 points against the Portland Trail Blazers, passing Wilt Chamberlain while leading the Lakers to a 126-117 home victory.

James is just 872 points shy of taking down Michael Jordan in the All-Time leading scorer list, something that’s most likely going to happen this season as it would only take him 32 more games if he keeps averaging 27 points a night as he’s done throughout his career.

But, does James stand a realistic chance at passing the other 3 remaining players? As you may know, the Lakers could already brag about having the league’s top 4 All-Time leading scorers once he takes down Michael Jordan.

Nonetheless, he would still have to pass Kobe Bryant, who’s roughly 3 thousand points ahead of him. To take him down, LeBron would need at least 75 more games scoring 27.2 points a night as he’s done so far.

Next in line would be Karl Malone, Utah’s all-time leading scorer that had a one year failed stint with the Lakers. In order to get past him, James would need about 200 more games, as the Mailman is still 5,508 points ahead of him.

Furthermore, LeBron has a huge shot at becoming the league’s all-time leading scorer, as he “just” needs 6,697 more points, roughly 250 games. That would mean he would have to play for 3 or 4 more seasons and stay healthy and productive, something only a guy like James could ever achieve.

The perfect scenario would be to average 27 points next 3 seasons, but that is maybe too much for King James.

Throughout his career, LeBron has never missed more than 15 games on a season, and he’s still the same dominant player he’s been his entire life entering season 16. Moreover, he’s still under contract for 3 more seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, and considering how young the rest of the Lakers are, he’s likely to have miss minutes tapped down a bit for years to come.

Even despite his durability, father time will eventually catch up with James. Naturally, he's going to take it easy and slow down a bit in a couple of years, as he's always loved to take good care of his body.

If LeBron James can score 27 points per game this season (68 games left), he would have 1,836 points more and that would be 33,261 points. He would need only 5,127 points to become the NBA All-Time points leader.

If he can average 25 points in his 2nd and 3rd season with the Lakers and miss only 20 games he would have 3,600 points more and would need only 1,527 points more.

LeBron James would need only 1 more season and 73 games (he would have 37 years) and if he can average 21 points per game, he would become the NBA-All time points leader.

Don't forget that Michael Jordan averaged 22.9 points (38 years old) and 20.0 points (39 years old) when he was in Washington. One important information is that Jordan played 60 games in his first season with the Wizards and amazing 82 games in his final season when he was 38 years old. LeBron James played only once 82 games in his career.

LeBron James’ Dream Can Come True In Los Angeles

Also, reports state that James is eager to play until his older son, Bronny, makes it to the league. For that to happen, the King would have to play for another 6 seasons, and Bronny would have to be good enough to make it to the league at age 19.

Judging by the footage we’ve seen and considering the gene pool he has, that’s a huge possibility. It’s a long shot, but odds are, James will go down as the league’s all-time leading scorer, and that will put him right back in the GOAT consideration.