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Without a shadow of a doubt, James is one of the greatest players in NBA history. His talents dominance and even influence off the court is as impactful as we have ever seen from a professional athlete. What makes James particularly amazing is his consistency and longevity in being arguably the best player on Earth for a decade.

As such, he has amassed a list of incredible records that will likely never be broken in history. While Wilt Chamberlain is known for his incredible statistics and record-holding performances, James will likely join him as the two most dominant players when it comes to statistics and record book achievements.

Here are some of the most amazing records that LeBron James will likely hold for the rest of NBA history.

911 Consecutive Games Making At Least 3 Field Goals

This is actually a phenomenal achievement since the second place for most active players is Giannis with 201, followed by then Kevin Durant with only 149. Even more impressive is that the second-place record holder all time is the great Michael Jordan with 893, while 3rd is Shaquille O'Neal with 594 consecutive games.

If Jordan didn't reach that number, it is likely that no one ever will. Since coming into the league, James was already one of the best players on Earth in his rookie season. He was a physical freak of nature and one of the most dominant forces we had seen since Shaq. But James moved like a point guard and could legitimately guard all five positions.

There will never be another LeBron James, and his amazing record of over 900 consecutive games with at least three field goals is a testament to his desire to be the best, take care of his body, and perform at an All-NBA level for 15+ years.

Playoff Win Shares

One often unwarranted knock on James' career has been his ability to win in the NBA Finals. But his playoff performances have shown that he is truly one of the best postseason performers, as he leads all players in NBA history in win shares with 51.0 win shares. Second place is Michael Jordan with 39.76 and third is Tim Duncan with 37.84 win shares.

James, thanks to his ability to impact the game in all facets had the ability to make any team an instant championship contender and one of the best teams in the world wherever he goes. His size, talent, and dominance make him one of the best ever in carrying others around him and generating 50+ wins over his entire career.

James, when he enters playoff mode, is scary and hopefully we will get another glimpse of it this year when he aims to capture his fourth NBA title with the Lakers.

Playoff Points

Another incredible record, James leads all NBA players in history with most playoff points. That's right, even if LeBron plays like "Magic Johnson", he is the best scorer in playoff history in terms of putting points on the board.

In fact, James (6911 points) has over 1000 points over second-place Michael Jordan (5987 points) in the playoffs. That is astounding, and we will never have a player score this many points the way James did over his illustrious career.

While James never had the pure scoring skill and finesse similar to Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan, his pure size and athleticism allow him to score 25+ points every single game he played in the playoffs when he wants to. He is a freight train when he attacks the rim, and few players are better than him at drawing contact and finishing through it.

James will likely add to this number this June, and this record will likely never be broken.

Playoff Minutes Played

Another amazing record, James has the record for most playoff minutes played. James, thanks to his ability to carry his team to the playoffs almost every single year of his career, might be the best playoff performer ever. He has played the most minutes, scored the most points, and has the most win-shares of anybody in history including the great Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

LeBron has played 10049 minutes in the playoffs so far, while Tim Duncan is second (9370 minutes) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (8851 minutes) is third on the all-time list.

James has an uncanny ability to stay focused, keep prepared, and pace himself over a season in order to perform at the highest level in the postseason. There will likely never be another player who will play in the playoffs as much as James, let alone make the Finals 8 straight times. James is a beast, and he could carry the lowly New York Knicks to the playoffs if he wanted to. Put him anywhere, and his team will be in the playoffs. He is that impactful, and his consistency is something we will never see again. Which brings the final amazing record.


When it comes to pure consistency night in and night out, James is the best player ever. Since coming into the league, he has remained almost completely injury-free despite playing aggressively and attacking the rim all game long for 15+ years. James, either due to pure luck or conditioning, is the most amazing physical specimen ever and hardly anyone will ever doubt that.

In fact, the reasons James remains healthy all the time might be the mix of both luck and conditioning. James is renowned for his dedication to taking care of his body, spending a reported $1 million on physical treatment per year. That is the kind of dedication it takes to remain the best player on Earth and the most consistent player ever. While Kareem played a very long time, well into his 40's at an All-Star level, James has done so as the main man on his team up until now. Not to mention, his playoff records will remain unbreakable.


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