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The Move That Could Change Everything


Changes in the NBA's heirarchy happen all the time. And considering the frequency of stars moving around these days, it's something we should all expect.

It happened when Shaq left the Lakers, it happened when LeBron left the Cavs, and it happened when KD left the Thunder.

And while no major changes have shaken things up on that level for a while, who's to say we're not due for another one real soon?

This summer, the free-agent class is nothing short of magical. LeBron James (again), Paul George, Chris Paul, DeMarcus Cousins, DeAndre Jordan, and a whole plethora of other big-name targets top off a long list of this year's free-agent class. But perhaps one of the biggest names available this summer is Oakland's own Kevin Durant, who joined the Warriors back in 2016.

Although he's a free-agent again this summer, nobody really expects him to leave Golden State... after all, why would he? But in a Reddit post by user Lukic23, he points out that KD leaving the Dubs shouldn't be out of the question... and even names an interesting location as to where the star might be considering heading to next.

Is Durant to Philly a possibility? from nba

No doubt, a move of this calliber would absolutely rock the NBA landscape.

The 76ers would quickly become the bonafide favorites in the East, while the Warriors would lose an important piece of their dynamic group of stars. Either way, a move like this would change the league's powerhouses.

The only question now becomes a matter of whether this option is just a Philly fan's hopefull dream, or a completely feasible reality.