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The NBA All-Traitor Team


This NBA offseason was, perhaps, the most exhilarating of All-Time. The draft, free agency, and trade deals saw teams and players change the dynamic of the league. For some, their franchise got better -- and gained superstar talent that will help secure their elite status for years to come.

But for others, a heartbreaking move resulted in a setback for the team that some fans will never forget.

In this list, we are going to name the biggest traitors, backstabbers, and double-crossers of the summer, the NBA superstars who are being booed by an entire fanbase. Whether or not those boos are warranted, however, is something for you to decide.

PG: Kyrie Irving

(Boston Celtics)



The Celtics gave up the farm to acquire Kyrie Irving in 2017. After a successful yet unfortunate injury-riddled season, Irving promised the fans, and the world, that he would be re-signing with the team before the 2018-19 campaign even began.

By December, Kyrie's leadership and dedication to the franchise were being questioned -- as he seemed lethargic and separated from the rest of the players. Post-All-Star break, with the team reeling, things only got worse. He was making a habit out of calling out his younger teammates for what he saw as a lack of performance, and the story with Kyrie became less about what he was doing on the court and more about how much of a distraction he was becoming on the sidelines.

In the end, Kyrie's tenure in Boston will be remembered as toxic. For Celtics fans, in particular, their rage will be especially high considering how much potential they had as a team in 2019. Expect some serious boos when he returns to the Garden as a Brooklyn Net this upcoming season.

SG: Paul George

(Oklahoma City Thunder)

(via The Undefeated)

(via The Undefeated)

Paul George brought the Thunder back into the fold when they traded for him in 2017. And, much like Kyrie, he committed to the franchise before bailing a year later.

Almost as quickly as George became the hero of OKC, he earned the title of public enemy #1. Not only did his trade request eliminate their chances of Championship contention, but it also sent them into a full rebuild mode, which forced the franchise to let go of their beloved face, Russell Westbrook.

When the smoke settled, the resulting conflict left the team with nothing but an aged CP3 and a collection of draft picks that will take years to develop. PG broke the hearts of Thunder fans everywhere, and now they will be seeking their revenge when he comes back to town as a member of the L.A. Clippers.

SF: Kawhi Leonard

(Toronto Raptors)

(Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press via AP) ORG XMIT: FNG554

(Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press via AP) ORG XMIT: FNG554

Kawhi has made his rounds and stolen the hearts of several teams along the way. First, it was the Spurs who, after making some mistakes with an injury, never got a chance to make things right with their star. He essentially forced his way out and ended a long-standing run of relevance for the franchise.

He made his way to Toronto and gave them a taste of what they could be. After giving them a Championship, he followed it up with unreasonable and questionable demands in free agency, ones that made the Raptors wonder if they were ever in contention to keep him at all.

And finally, if you ask Lakers fans, they will tell you how he lead them on and even sabotaged them in free agency. He waited for the market to dry up as he recruited Paul George to the Clippers, and then signed with their rival when the majority of the top free agents were off the board.

Make of it however you wish, but Kawhi certainly hurt a few teams on his path to L.A. He will certainly hear about it, too, when the fans have the chance to show him how they feel.

PF: Anthony Davis

(New Orleans Pelicans)

(via NBA - NBC Sports)

(via NBA - NBC Sports)

With seven seasons in New Orleans and nothing to show for it, Anthony Davis decided he had enough this past February when he requested a trade from the team that had nurtured him for years.

After putting so much stock into him, it saddened the team and the fans to see him want out. It hurt them even more so when they witnessed how it all went down. He put the team in a poor position by announcing his feelings publicly, basically stripping the franchise of any leverage. To make matters worse, he had his eyes set on the Lakers and worked behind the scenes to pull it off in any way possible.

In the end, the Pelicans gave in and traded him to their rival in Los Angeles, but it did not come without some bitter feelings.

C: Al Horford

(Boston Celtics)

(via 247 Sports)

(via 247 Sports)

Al Horford did not necessarily betray the Celtics, but Boston fans will certainly feel that way. Just when the team was due to reach their peak, Horford signs (seemingly out of nowhere) with one of their biggest Eastern Conference rivals.

Had Horford stayed, the Celtics might be considered the favorites to win the Conference, but losing him will prove to be costly. What hurts them the most is the unexpectedness of it all. After giving what looked like everything to the franchise this past post-season, Horford left for the Sixers where he will have a decreased role, less money, and an unpredictable future.

When he returns to the Garden, he will not be receiving many cheers. Those fans in green are not forgiving.