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The NBA Edition: Fire and Ice

Basketball Ball in Fire and Water Isolated on the Black Background

Basketball Ball in Fire and Water Isolated on the Black Background

Stephen Curry owns the NBA League right now.

In case you forgot, Curry was the league’s MVP in 2014-15 and led the Golden State Warriors to their first title in 40 years.

The Fire: League of Warriors

Through 12 games, Curry is averaging 33.7 points per game on 52.1 percent shooting from the field, including 45.6 percent from beyond the arc.

He scored 62 three points after 12 games. Do you know how is the next? Damian Lillard with only 37 three points. Almost double difference for Stephen Curry.

Also, he scored more three points than Minnesota (56) and Brooklyn (52).

He is the Assassin of Golden State. Who can stop him?

Photo Credit: Tony.psd

Photo Credit: Tony.psd

Warriors are 12-0 at this moment, and they are on the road to be the one of the best team ever in the NBA. Chicago Bulls (1996) had 72-10. Can they beat the one of the most difficult records in the league?

The Ice: Where are the Pelicans?

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

They had 1-10.

Anthony Davis wants to be the MVP of the league, but what about the team? New Orleans Pelicans won only one game against Dallas.

The Brow already missed three games, and he is questionable to play in Wednesday's game against the Thunder. He has only 22.7 points and 8.4 rebounds so far.

The Pelicans should improve their roster because Davis can't compete for the playoff without another All-Star player.

The Fire: Don't Forget about Dre

Andre Drummond is averaging 19.1 points and 18.9 rebounds per game, becoming the first player since Wilt Chamberlain 45 years ago to have 135 points and 135 rebounds (the first seven games) this far into the season.

Can Dre average 20/20 for the season? This is almost unbelievable, but we will follow his games every night because 20/20 is Wilt Chamberlain 2.0. in 2015.

There have been two other players to average 20/20 for the season: Jerry Lucas and Bob Pettit. No one has done it since the 1968-69 season.

The Ice: Houston without Rockets

Rockets fire coach McHale after 4-7 start, and now they must find a new coach who will change the philosophy of the Rockets game because they have a great roster, but they don't have chemistry at this moment.

Dwight Howard still can't play back to back, but Ty Lawson and James Harden must react immediately if they don't want to play against the Warriors and the Spurs in the first round of the 2015 Western Conference Playoffs.

The Fire: Kristaps Porzingis 

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Ok, ok...everyone makes mistakes. The Knicks fans don't believe in the miracle, because they lost so many NBA Playoffs in the last 15 years.

But, what about Porzingis? Can he make a turn around this year with Carmelo Anthony?

He beats Al Jefferson and Cody Zeller last night and Frank Kaminsky with a "Dream Shake".

Just after one month, Knicks fans chanted Porzingis name. Can he lead New York to the NBA Playoffs 2015/16?

The Ice: Goran Dragic

Photo Credit: Pedro Portal EL Nuevo Herald

Photo Credit: Pedro Portal EL Nuevo Herald

Miami Heat point guard Goran Dragic is all smiles after signing a five-year contract worth about $86 million. Everyone will smile because there is a lot of money, but hey Dragic - what are you doing right now?

You have only 11.1 points with 2.3 turnovers per game. You are the 32nd point guard in the league right now if we are searching for points.

Dragic has only 4.1 FGM per game, and he is not using floor well after pick and roll/pop with Whiteside or after Bosh and Wade spread the floor when they are playing isolation.

Miami Heat has a good roster for the Eastern Conference, but Dragic should wake up after very slow start this season.

This is our first NBA Editon this season.

Every week you can expect the new edition with fire and ice.