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The Nightmare For The Oklahoma City Thunder And Russell Westbrook This Summer

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Oklahoma City Thunder has just suffered yet another 1st round playoff exit despite having surrounding Russell Westbrook with two All-Star talents, and the clock is starting to tick for him, Sam Presti and Billy Donovan right now.

Westbrook made history by averaging a triple-double for a second consecutive season, becoming the first player to ever do so; but that wasn’t enough to actually impress people anymore as they thought of him more of a stat padder rather than a guy willing to help his team.

The Brodie has earned as much respect as detractors, and it feels like he took a major step backward this season after being a major stud the prior campaign when he single-handedly led this team to the postseason.

Obviously, he can’t be the only guy to blame for this failure, as Carmelo Anthony was terrible all season long, Billy Donovan failed to make adjustments, the Andre Roberson injury took a major toll on their defense and Paul George was a major no-show in an elimination game.

Still, it seems like Westbrook is about to be left alone on an island once again and things aren’t looking quite good for the Thunder and their future, as the post-Kevin Durant era is looking more and more like a nightmare for OKC.

Paul George Will Leave?

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

All signals point towards Paul George packing his bags and getting the hell away from the Oklahoma City Thunder, with him craving to play for a huge market and become one of the league’s top-tier stars.

He has already pulled out his daughter from his school in Oklahoma and he’s reportedly building a crib in his LA house, not to mention the fact that he’s been closely tied with a move to the Los Angeles Lakers for a very long time now.

George leaving this team would take away their most versatile and consistent player, as he was one of the best defenders in the Association by a long shot and was huge down the stretch in the offense, except for that embarrassing performance in game 6 against the Jazz.

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Carmelo Has 28 Million Reasons To Stay


If Paul George leaving is a nightmare, Carmelo Anthony staying has to be actually worse, as he played the worst basketball of his career and was a major liability for the Thunder in both ends of the hardwood all season long.

Carmelo will definitely opt in on the last year of his deal as he knows that would be his lone shot at getting a huge paycheck for the rest of his career, but he’s likely to be bought out after he already ruled out a hypothetical substitute role.

So, the Thunder will be forced to pay a lot of money for a washed out veteran that bricked shot after shot all year long, that was a major ball stopper and one of the worst defenders on the whole NBA.

Westbrook Will Be More Alone Than Ever

russell-westbrook overrated

In order to land Paul George, Sam Presti parted ways with both Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis; the ladder showing vast signs of improvement while the first got his first All-Star nod and is a lock to win the league’s Most Improved Player.

On the other hand, OKC had to trade Enes Kanter away in order to get Melo, losing a major scoring and rebounding punch off the bench for a one year rental on a player that’s nowhere near what he used to be.

So, Westbrook will have absolutely no help whatsoever for the upcoming year or the foreseeable future, as the Thunder aren’t looking as title contenders and it feels like no one wants to play with a stat padder anymore; and they’re going to have to choose if they want to keep falling short of the goal with him piling up triple-doubles, or if they want to start things over and call it a day.