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The Only Players Who Can Win Dunk Contest, Three Point Contest And Skills Challenge

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

It takes a man of many talents to manage to win multiple events during the All-Star break. After all, it is hardly ever done. A great dunker is usually limited in what he can do skill-wise, barring a few exceptions. But even if a great dunker has many skills, it is hard to compete in a skills challenge since this is usually dominated by speedy guards with exceptional passing and dribbling skills.

Luckily, there are quite a few players who have a legitimate shot at not only winning the dunk contest and skills challenge but the three-point contest as well. That's right, there are some players in the NBA who can shoot the three at a very high level, possess sublime guard skills, and even throw down jaw-dropping jams. Here are the five players who can realistically win all three contests in one All-Star Break.

Zach LaVine

(via Chicago Sun-Times)

(via Chicago Sun-Times)

When it comes to Zach LaVine, many people know him for his unbelievable dunks that he has pulled off during his young career so far. Most specifically, his dunk contest with Aaron Gordon was one of the greatest we had seen in years, and LaVine was able to perform incredible high-flying maneuvers including a dunk from the free-throw line. Even during this regular season, many are looking forward to seeing LaVine show out at the dunk contest where he might be the heavy favorite.

But casual fans might not realize that LaVine is actually a very skilled player, who has unbelievable dribbling skills and a very strong three-point shot. LaVine plays shooting guard but is built like a point guard with great handling skills. He will have no problem competing in a skills challenge and will have no problem getting hot from three to win the three-point contest.

LeBron James



LeBron James possesses all the tools a superstar player can have, and it is a no brainer how he can compete and win both the dunk contest and skills challenge. James is a phenomenal talent and basically plays point guard for his team since he entered the league. Competing in the skills challenge would be an easy fit for James, even if he is built like a power forward. When it comes to dunking, even at his age now, James is one of the best we have ever seen. His dunks are predicated on the the the force, rather than style, but they are incredibly fun to watch. Even if James is known as an in-game dunker, he can let loose in a dunk contest.

If there is one competition that will be a challenge, it's a three-point contest. James has never been known to be a marksman from deep, so he will have to work with his shooting coaches to get this done. The fact that he can compete in this contest and have a shot if he puts his mind to it, earns him a place on the list.

Damian Lillard


Lillard is no doubt, an unbelievable shooter with exceptional handling skills. He is a superstar point guard, who has the case for being the number one at his position in the game right now. He has all the tools in the box, including deep range shooting and quick handles, which will make him an easy favorite for both the three-point contest and skills challenge. Lillard will have no problem competing with the league's best in either competition since he is one of the best players in the world.

Lillard is also a ferocious dunker for his size. When he gets ahead of steam, he is simply unguardable with an ability to explode with a splendid finish. Lillard has the hope, speed, explosiveness, and the desire to throw down amazing jams to energize the crowd and his team during the game. There is no reason why he won't be able to pull it off in a dunk contest, where he has a chance to win all three major All-Star contests to add to his resume.

Donovan Mitchell

(via Washington Post)

(via Washington Post)

Mitchell online a young talent, much like Dwyane Wade was. He is a man of many talents and has basically mastered all of them. Mitchell has been a revelation in Utah, thanks to his ability to score and handle the ball. Not to mention, he is hyper-athletic and has been known to throw down spectacular jams over helpless defenders. There is simply no reason why he couldn't win all three contests.

In fact, he could be the favorite for the feat. Mitchell has quick handles like a point guard, great passing skills, and speed to get across the floor with ease. Not to mention, he is a ferocious dunker who certainly has some nice twists in his bag if he wants to come up with a unique dunk. Despite his size, he is a monster dunker. But one aspect of his game is becoming underlooked: his ability to hit the three. Mitchell is an improving three-point shooter, and he will most probably want a crack at being a three-point champ. If he gets hot from three, it's game over for the rest of the competition.

Paul George



Last, but certainly not least, Paul George is the ultimate all-around player. Even Kevin Durant said that PG is his favorite player to watch because he does everything well on the court. While we haven't seen much of George this season, quite yet at least, he has been dominant when he has played. Geroge simply has all the tools to win the three-point contest, skills challenge, and dunk contest.

George is a violent dunker when he gets in the air, and has the athleticism to spin and turn for added style with ease. We have seen George throw down some amazing dunks in the past, so it will be no surprise if he gets it done over All-Star Weekend. PG also has a superstar-level three-point shot and can be known to drain multiple threes in a row with ease. If PG gets hot from three and finds his rhythm in the Money Ball Rack, he can win this one too. Perhaps most impressive is George's ability to compete and win the skills challenge. He is a very skilled player, with handles and passing, so he will find it easy to compete with any of the guards in the competition.


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