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The Perfect Plan Of The Boston Celtics: Kyrie Irving And Anthony Davis

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Boston Celtics have had a season full of ups and downs. They’re the team with the most talented players in the Eastern Conference, have a great coach an organization, and a huge fan base, yet, they failed to make a statement during the regular season.

Fortunately, they’re peaking at the right time now. They were the first team to make it past the first round of the playoffs after sweeping the Victor Oladipo-less Indiana Pacers, and will now try and knock out the Milwaukee Bucks for the second straight season.

However, they’re set to face a key offseason a couple of months for now, regardless of if they wind up making it to the NBA Finals or not. Free agency will be make-or-break time for Danny Ainge and the Celtics, so let’s take a look at how their perfect plan for the summer may look like:

Resign Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving

The Boston Celtics need to do everything in their power to convince Kyrie Irving of staying put at the TD Garden. Whether they like his personality or not, he’s a top-5 scorer in this league, their best closer, and a guy they cannot afford to lose right now.

Irving’s been uncommitted to the team and struggled to embrace his role as the team’s leader. He’s been tied with a move out of Boston, with the Knicks, Nets, Clippers, and Lakers interested in making a run at him.

Trade Brown, Hayward And Tatum For Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

Danny Ainge managed to convince the New Orleans Pelicans to wait until the summer to trade Anthony Davis, as they couldn’t make an offer for him because of Kyrie’s contract. One his deal expires, they’ll go all-in on the power forward.

Sadly for them, there’s just no way in hell they manage to get Anthony Davis and still keep Jayson Tatum, which is going to be a huge gamble considering Davis will be a free agent in 2020.

Free Agents

3. Marc Gasol

Marc Gasol Toronto Raptors

Marc Gasol has made an instant impact with the Toronto Raptors and the Canadians are likely trying to make him a decent offer in the summer to try and convince him to extend his stay up north for a couple of more seasons.

However, his best shot at an NBA Championship may come with the Celtics, and we all know he wouldn’t hesitate to take a pay cut in order to finally win it all. He’d be a great fit for Brad Stevens’ system.

2. Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose NBA 1232132113212

Terry Rozier is almost a lock to leave the team in the summer, especially if they somehow manage to convince Kyrie to sign a contract extension. With Marcus Smart not being much of a scorer or a playmaker, Derrick Rose may be the perfect guy for them.

Rose was aggressive and fast this year and managed to stay healthy for most of the season. We all know he wants to have the chance to win a Championship, and he’s already embraced his role as a 6th Man.

1. JJ Redick

Top 6 Players That Have Never Missed NBA Playoffs

JJ Redick has done a great job with the Philadelphia 76ers. He provides a much-needed spacing with Jimmy Butler, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid on the floor, but he’s a major defensive liability for them.

Also, with the Sixers not favored to win the NBA Championship this season, he might as well be heading out the door. Brad Stevens knows how to hide poor defenders and the team craves a three-point specialist.

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