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The Perfect Team For The Boston Celtics For $100 Million

The Perfect Team For The Boston Celtics For $100 Million

A storied franchise like the Boston Celtics has historically been on top of the league, winning NBA championships and sporting some of the best players in NBA history. Guys like Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Bill Russell among many others have provided the franchise loads of memories and dominance in the league. Most recently, the Celtics led by Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen put Boston on top in 2008.

The current Celtics team is very good, but what if they had a clean slate on their salary cap with the possibility to create the perfect squad? With only their franchise star Jayson Tatum on the roster, the Celtics will be able to find the players they want to match their massive salary cap limit.

Starting with the signing of current star Jayson Tatum, it is time to create the perfect Celtics team with a $100 Million salary cap limit.


- Best Player From Team Automatically Chosen (Jayson Tatum)

- Maximum 2 Players From Any Team

- Maximum 3 Rookie Players

- Maximum $100 Million Salary Cap


De'Aaron Fox - $6,392,760

De'Aaron Fox

De'Aaron Fox will start at point guard for the best Celtics team. He is having a great year, averaging 21.1 PPG and 6.8 APG and might be the fastest player in the league with the ball. Fox is a blur, and he will be the main guy on the fast break who will find his teammates for open looks.

Lou Williams - $8,000,000

Lou Williams

Sweet Lou will not be a sixth man for this Celtics team, because he will take his 18.2 PPG average and start alongside De'Aaron Fox. Williams is clearly good enough to start on almost every NBA team because he possesses a natural scoring ability that impacts games at a high level.

Having a player like Lou comes off the bench helps the team a lot, especially since he is quite miniature and can struggle on defense, but he will start alongside Fox to trouble defenses all game long.

Alex Caruso - $2,750,000

Alex Caruso

Fan-favorite Alex Caruso will backup Lou, using his athleticism and tough defense to earn minutes on the court. Caruso is loved by Lakers fans, mostly due to his effort on the court and fun playing style, so he will be just as loved in Boston.

Ben McLemore - $2,028,594

Ben McLemore

Sweet-shooting guard Ben McLemore will be the final guard to the Perfect Celtics team, taking his 40.1% 3-pt FG to Boston and spotting up for threes. We had seen how good McLemore can be in a system catered to All-Star talent, and his shooting will help the Celtics a lot on offense.

Patrick McCaw - $4,000,000

Patrick McCaw

Backing up De'Aaron Fox is Patrick McCaw, who seems to have found a nice home with the Toronto Raptors. Coming off the bench this season, he is averaging 4.6 PPG while also carrying important playoff experience due to his time with the Warriors.


Jayson Tatum - $7,830,000

Jayson Tatum

Tatum is a stud. Of course, he will start alongside Brandon Ingram in one of the best front-court pairings in recent history. Their games accommodate one another because Tatum is a scoring machine while Ingram is very unselfish.

Ingram can play on or off the ball, giving Tatum plenty of room to operate. Tatum has trained a lot with the late Kobe Bryant, so his game has elevated to a very impressive level. He will be the main scorer for the Perfect Celtics team.

Brandon Ingram - $7,265,485

Brandon Ingram

Starting at the three spots is Brandon Ingram. Ingram had a career year this season, averaging 23.8 PPG and 6.1 RPG and making his first All-Star team.

We knew that Ingram would be a star someday when the Lakers drafted him overall in the NBA Draft. Ingram has finally reached that point, and he plays very similar to Kevin Durant.

The Boston fans will love to have Ingram leading the charge against his former team the Los Angeles Lakers, and he will provide scoring power to a lineup that already has two speedy guards.

T.J. Warren - $11,060,000

T.J. Warren

The Orlando "Bubble Superstar'' himself, TJ Warren will be the best backup for Jayson Tatum. Warren has season averages of 19.8 PPG and 4.2 RPG, using his versatile game to score inside and from the perimeter.

Warren has made the Phoenix Suns look foolish for moving on from him for nothing, and he will be hungry to prove he can play as good as Tatum and Ingram when he is on the court.

PJ Tucker - $8,349,039

PJ Tucker

An excellent defensive enforcer and hustle player, Tucker is the final forward on this team. He does not appear productive on the stat sheet, but he simply helps you win games.

Tucker will defend the ball well from the perimeter and inside the post, hustle for rebounds and loose balls, and hit the corner three. Tucker will provide crucial minutes when Tatum and Ingram need rest.

Stanley Johnson - $3,623,000

Stanley Johnson

Johnson was expected to do great things in the NBA, and he has not quite gotten there yet. He is still young, at 24 years old, and has shown flashes of 3-and-D capabilities at the forward spot. He has great size and his defensive prowess will come in handy to guard opposing scorers when Ingram is on the bench.


Joel Embiid - $27,504,630

Joel Embiid

My goodness, Joel Embiid will feast on defenses with this team. He is averaging 23.2 PPG and 11.7 RPG and making yet another All-Star appearance in the East.

Surrounded by speed playmaker De'Aaron Fox and scoring forwards Tatum and Ingram mean Embiid can feast down low. He will use his guard skills and size to score a ton of points and will be a willing passer to his open shooters when doubled.

Embiid will have his best years playing with this Perfect Celtics team because he will find it incredibly easy to play with Ingram and Tatum.

DeAndre Jordan - $9,881,598

DeAndre Jordan

Backing up superstar Joel Embiid is former All-Star DeAndre Jordan. Jordan has aged a bit but is still a productive rebounder and shot-blocker. He is averaging 10.0 RPG and 0.9 BPG this season and can be an excellent backup to Embiid.

Jordan impacts the game in very little time because he uses height and athleticism to bother shots around the paint. Hard to find a better backup center than Jordan.

The Perfect Celtics Team - Total Salary: $98,685,106

Clearly, this team would beat any of the NBA teams right now. Tatum and Ingram will get along like a house on fire, and the guard play will shine on the fast break. They will score a ton of points, and also have excellent perimeter defenders to bother opposing scorers.

With no weakness in the squad, this Celtics team can play at a fast pace or slow it down when need be. Embiid is the best scorer at the center position so he can play in either style, which makes the team particularly dangerous.

This Perfect Celtics team will go back on top of the league if only they had the opportunity to sign these players.

Starting Lineup: De'Aaron Fox, Lou Williams, Brandon Ingram, Jayson Tatum, Joel Embiid


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