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The Real Problem In Chicago?

The Real Problem In Chicago Bulls

The Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg has been put in a bad position to coach for the Chicago Bulls. Chicago is starting the season off with a near .500 record, and sitting at the bottom of the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference. Fred Hoiberg was assigned to the Bulls after they let go of former head coach, Tom Thibedou.

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The Bulls felt like they needed more of an offensive minded coach to take them over the hump. However, things haven’t been right, and Hoiberg didn’t take the Bulls to the playoffs last year, while he is still trying to figure out what to do with his ball club. The “Fred Hoiberg on the Hot Seat” speculation is not all on him, you can blame it on the Bulls Front Office.

Fred Hoiberg's style of offense is drag screens, pick and pop, shooting 3s, having a stretch 4, and using more of a face pace style offense. Chicago’s offense is supposed to be similar to what the Houston Rockets run. Chicago is ranked 17th in offensive Efficiency. As a team, their true shooting percentage is ranked 30th in the league (True Shooting Percentage — what a team’s shooting percentage would be if we accounted for free throws and 3-pointers), and ranked 24th in the league in pace. So, why isn’t this offensive minded coach not working for the Bulls?

The front office should be the ones to blame here. They didn’t deal Fred Hoiberg the right cards to help this team win more games. The Bulls FO traded away Chicago native Derrick Rose and upcoming player Justin Holliday. They also let go of Chicago home player Joakim Noah. The reason behind those transactions, was because the Bulls wanted to rebuild and start fresh. The reason for those trades is because their FO thought “the team must get younger, more athletic”. It was only excused to get rid of their crowd favorite players, and Bulls actually got older by signing Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo… both players are over 28 known as veterans around the league.

The front office didn’t get the right players to run Hoiberg offense. The Bulls starting lineup consists of no players that can shoot 3s. Their starting lineup consists mostly of isolation players who drive to the rim.

The signing of Rajon Rondo seems to be the first bad move. The Bulls are out there playing 4 on 5 basketball because the defense is daring Rondo to shoot the ball and allowing them double team others. Rondo shooting 37% and shooting 54% from the free throw line. With those stats, Rondo is a downgrade at the PG position. Dwyane Wade is shooting 44% and under 32% from the 3 pt line. The Bulls FO didn’t add the right players to help this team win games. The problem last year for the Bulls was getting out of scoring droughts during games, and the mindset in the offseason was to get Athletic and Shooting players. The Bulls didn’t get any.

Now if you look at the teams FO transactions this summer, they made a ton of bad moves.

That’s why the Chicago front office should be the ones on the hot seat, not Fred Hoiberg. Chicago still hasn’t been in trade rumors, nor have they made any moves to get the team to be better. The team's record can be better than what’s showing if their bench can step up and make some threes. The Bulls are 30th in 3 points shot made, which was a concern coming into the season that the Bulls still haven’t addressed. Chicago needs to acquire a 3 point specialist because this league is starting to become a 3 point game. If you cannot make the big shot, then it will be hard to win the big games. Windy City’s bench is 25th in the league when it comes to Ppg, so the Bulls need their bench to step up to take the load off Jimmy Butler. Chicago has streaky shooters on the bench… Nikola Mirotic, and Doug Mcdermott but due to injuries and lack of chemistry, both players are not getting enough playing time. The Bulls need to add a 3 point specialist to the bench and trade Nikola Mirotic.

Who remembers when the Bulls drafted Marquis Teague over Draymond Green in the 2012 Draft? Well, the Bulls former head coach Tom Thibodeau wanted to draft Green because he knew his defensive intensity was high. Instead, Bulls front office Gar Forman and John Paxson drafted Teague. The Chicago FO made a lot of bad moves in their time, and they don’t seem to be getting better. Another key trade that could have happened was in 2007, Kobe Bryant was about to become a Bull. The Bulls FO didn’t want to trade Kirk Hinrich, Luol Deng, and Joakim Noah.

Fred Hoiberg shouldn’t be on the hot seat, the Chicago Bulls Front Office should be the ones working their way out of Chicago. This team wants to rebuild, but having Gar & John in the front office is not the ideal start.


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