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The Statistics That Prove Haters Wrong About Kobe Bryant, LeBron James And Steph Curry

Fadeaway World

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NBA fans can be very critical about NBA players sometimes, no matter how good of a player they really are. True champions of the game are critiqued and criticised every day because they are such big names.

Arguments such as ‘Kobe never passes’ or ‘Curry only shoots 3’s’ or ‘LeBron is a choker’ are brought up time and time again and it’s unfair. We’ve taken a look into the statistics to prove the haters wrong about a few of the greatest players to play the game.

Steph Curry - "Only Shoot 3PTS"

With the Golden State Warriors being the most dominant team by far in the NBA over the last few years, Steph Curry and other members are very much in the spotlight of the NBA world. When you’re gaining so much media attention, there’s always going to be a fair share of negativity. For Steph, the “He only shoots threes” line is what gets brought up time and time again.

This line is again not accurate, over his career, Steph Curry has an average of 4.6 field goals made with an average of 8.0 field goals attempted over his career. This season, Curry had 216 2-point field goals made which add to an impressive career total of 2129 points. In 2015-2016 when he went on to win the NBA MVP for the year, Curry had a total of 403 2-point field goals which had him entrenched inside the Top 35 players for 2-point field goals that season.

Last season, he had more 2 FGM per game than Paul George, Chris Paul and Kevin Love.

Stephen Curry is one of the best off-ball players in the NBA, don't forget that.

Obviously, his special talent that makes him such an iconic player of the game is 3-point shooting but to say that he’s a ‘one trick pony’ just isn’t accurate, Steph can still score points from both inside and outside the 3-point line.

Kobe Bryant - "Doesn't Pass"

One of the greatest ever players to put on the Lakers jersey, however with every champion, there’s always a complaint to try and bring them down. With Kobe, it’s all about his passing, some people claim that he doesn’t pass, all he ever did was shoot.

The “Kobe doesn’t pass” line is nothing but a myth, over his career, Kobe had an average of 4.7 assists per game. This has him well above the average for assists per game, inside the Top 140 players of the NBA for that statistic.

Kobe Bryant has a total of 6306 assists over his career in the NBA, this has him placed at 30th in the NBA list of total career assists which is an exceptional achievement.

I need to add two videos.

First one is Metta World Piece post-game interview:

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LeBron James - "Choker"

One of the greatest players of all time is constantly under the scrutiny from so many people who don’t believe his as good as what he is. The fact that LeBron doesn’t have a great Finals record, winning just 3 of 6, adds fuel to the fire for the haters that say he’s a “Choker”.

However, LeBron James has come up clutch as well as anybody in his career so far. In the 2017-2018 season, he has led the NBA in 4th quarter scoring showing that he doesn’t go missing when the game is on the line. In the latest playoffs series when the pressure is really on, LeBron had a total of 275 field goals made which was the most of any player, Kevin Durant was the next closest with 212.

In his postseason playoffs career, LeBron has had 4 buzzer beaters to steal the win along with having a handy record of 6-13 Field goals made in go-ahead shots in the final 5 seconds of the game.

LeBron has proven time and time again that he can win a game all on his own, you can’t put the complete blame on Lebron for his Finals records, certainly does not make him a ‘choker’.