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The Top 10 Records That Most Likely To Be Broken: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson

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NBA records are there to be broken. For many NBA superstars, records are goals that can be surpassed if they dominate the game enough. While many NBA records will not be broken and simply stand the test of time, other NBA records are very likely to be broken in today's NBA.

Examples of records that will not be broken include Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points performance and even his 50 rebound performance. Bill Russell's 11 NBA rings will also likely never be surpassed, making these three records some of the many that will remain unbroken throughout history.

But there are 10 particular NBA records that will not stand the test of time because there is simply too much talent in the NBA and the game is catering to offenses more than ever. Here are the 10 NBA records that are most likely to be broken in the near future.

10. Most three-point attempts in a game by a team: 61 threes, Houston Rockets (2019)

Clearly, the three-point shot is here to stay. As a matter of fact, it is the most prevalent weapon that teams employ on a nightly basis. It's not unusual for teams to jack up a minimum of 30 pointers a game, and there will be a new record in the near future for most attempts by a team in a single game.

The current record for most three-pointers in a game by a single team is 61 by the Houston Rockets when they played the New Orleans Pelicans. Out of all the teams that will break this record, it is probably the Houston Rockets. They live and die by the three, and they are most likely to attempt at least 61 threes in one game with ease.

9. Most three-point attempts missed by a player: 16 threes, James Harden (2018) and Damon Stoudamire (2005)

This record will probably be broken next season. James Harden, unfortunately, holds the record for most missed threes (vs the OKC Thunder), alongside Damon Stoudamire (vs the GS Warriors), but James Harden will probably not have any problems breaking this record. He loves the step-back three, which is probably not a high percentage shot but is undeniably exciting to watch. Still, Harden will take a lot of them and miss a lot of them as well.

This record will probably be broken by James Harden or any other high volume scorer looking to jack up threes as much as possible to get points on the board.

8. Most three-pointers made in a game by a team: 27 threes, Houston Rockets (2019)

It is truly amazing how the Houston Rockets have the top three records for most three-pointers made in a single game. The first place is held by the Houston Rockets when they routed the Phoenix Suns with 27 threes, second place by Houston with 26, and third place by Houston with 26 made threes again. The next best team was the Cleveland Cavaliers lead by LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, where they nailed 25 three-pointers.

Making 27 3's is truly astonishing and definitely will lead to a victory, but it will not be out of the question for the Rockets to break this record again. If the Golden State Warriors return healthy next season and possibly add a superstar or another All-Star to the squad, they are the most likely to shatter the 27 make 3-point record in the league.

7. Most three-pointers made in a game by a player: 14 threes, Klay Thompson (2018)

We all know Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are the kings of the three-point shot. They keep breaking each other's record for most threes in a game with Klay Thompson currently holding the record of 14 threes in a single game in a game against the Chicago Bulls. The players most likely to break this record are Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. They are by far the best shooters in the league because they can get hot at any given moment to literally blow teams out the water with their shooting.

Klay Thompson, and especially Stephen Curry, have changed the NBA for the long run and are the most likely candidates for breaking the record of most threes made in a single game by a single player. Some dark horse contenders are the likes of Trae Young, who can also get very hot from three, and also James Harden who literally has the green light attempt a three-point shot every time down the floor.

6. Most free throw attempts in a game by a player: 39, Dwight Howard (2012), (2013)

This seems like an unbreakable record when you first look at it, but considering the way coaches are using tactical defenses to slow down opposing players, it is not out of the question that a player will attempt more than 39 free throws. Dwight Howard did this astonishingly twice with the Los Angeles Lakers (fittingly enough against the Orlando Magic) , and also the Orlando Magic one year prior (against the Golden State Warriors).

In fact, the prime suspect might be Andre Drummond. Drummond attempted 36 free throws in a game so it is not unlikely that he will manage to break the 40 mark.

5. Most consecutive missed three-pointers in a game by a team: 27 threes, Houston Rockets (2018)

The NBA is clearly an offensive league, and the Rockets are at the forefront of it. Everybody wants to see offense teams plan to score the most points and we are seeing some of the most talented offensive players in history. As a result, there will be a game where a team will simply have a hot hand and score a record-breaking amount of points.

The Rockets missed an unbelievable 27 straight threes to put them out of the NBA Finals in the 2018 Western Conference Finals showdown with the Golden State Warriors. While it was not a surprise considering how great the Warriors were with Kevin Durant, this poor streak hurt the Rockets and made them lose the game. But in fact, this record could be broken in the near future. The Rockets can manage to miss 28 threes, or other poor shooting teams like the Knicks or Hawks can pull this off too.

4. Most turnovers by one player in a game: 14 turnovers, Jason Kidd (2000)

It is very interesting how the top scorers in the league have pretty much free reign to do whatever they please on the floor. Coaches no longer dictate the offense as much, allowing their superstars to handle the ball and do whatever they please which may result in a heavy amount of turnovers. As a result, the record for most turnovers by a single player the single game will most likely be broken.

Kidd has the record for 14 turnovers in a messy game against the Knicks in 2000, but that probably won't last when players like James Harden and Trae Young handle the ball as they do. In fact, there could be many candidates for this including Luka Doncic and even Russell Westbrook.

3. Most three-point misses in a game without a make: 12 threes, Brook Lopez (2018)

This is a very interesting record because Brook Lopez went ice cold in 2018 against the Phoenix Suns. He managed to jack up 12 3-point shots without making a single one. Brook Lopez started his career as a low post center but has developed into quite a shooter from beyond.

Knowing the amount of 3-point shots that NBA superstars take today, This record will most likely be broken next season. With players like James Harden averaging 12-3's a game, and even some of the best shooters like Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry jacking up threes, it is only normal for one of them to experience a cold streak similar to Brook Lopez. This record will definitely not last stand of time.

2. Most points scored in an overtime period: 17 points, Stephen Curry (2016)

Get another record by Stephen Curry, He managed to score 17 points and an overtime period against the Portland Trail Blazers in 2016. He beat out Gilbert Arenas, who previously had 16 points against the Los Angeles Lakers. But just as Stephen Curry has a tendency to break his own records, he might do it again.

If Curry can get hot and drain 5 three-point shots, which he can pull off in a matter of minutes, he is only a bucket or two from breaking this record. Many teams don't even score 17 points in an overtime period, so this will be an incredible record to break but not out of the question.

1. Most three-pointers made in a season: 402 threes, Stephen Curry (2015)

Clearly, Stephen Curry has the most chance to break his own record for most threes in a single season. Curry made an astonishing 402 3-pointers in a single season surpassing James Harden who is second with 378 3-pointers. Curry also owns the third and fourth spots while Paul George rounds out the top five.

Stephen Curry pretty much averaged five threes a game over the course of a season, so this will be a very tough record to break. Curry and even his partner Klay Thompson have the best chance of breaking this record.


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