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The Two Stats That Will Make Kobe Bryant Fans Furious

lebron james-kobe byant-finalduel

With LeBron James finally a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, the obvious comparisons to long-time rival and Laker legend Kobe Bryant were bound to rear their head once more, two years removed from Kobe's final NBA game.

The two legends have been the topic of many debates in the past, especially when Kobe was in his prime. Countless stats have been brought up in arguments all over the world and the internet, including averages, career totals and of course, championship rings.

But a few stats have emerged recently on Twitter that may anger some Kobe Bryant fans and make LeBron James fans ecstatic.

Everyone knows how good of a scorer Kobe Bryant was throughout his entire career, almost leading the league in scoring in 2013, and many know how deadly LeBron is as a facilitator, but did you know that LeBron has made 4 more shots than Kobe Bryant on 3,310 fewer career attempts? Some may say that Kobe was a chucker towards the tail end of his career, but for LeBron to have more made baskets in 5 fewer seasons than Bryant is astounding.

Not only that, but there's also another stat that speaks volumes about LeBron's pure domination in the postseason.

Thirty-straight games. Without scoring a single point. And James would still have a higher scoring average than Kobe's in the playoffs. Unreal.

Not many Kobe fans are going to like these stats, but considering LeBron is now joining the team that Kobe made great again, true Laker fans shouldn't have any issue with the facts stated above.