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The Warrior's Big Three Is Averaging The Exact Same Number Of Shot Attempts This Season


Anybody will tell you that the Golden State Warriors are one of the league's most desirable destinations. True, they're absolutely stacked and favored to win a Championship this season. That certainly helps.

Besides that though, has anybody really thought about why?

What makes the Warriors so special, and why is their way the best way? It's hard to name exactly what it is, and there's more than one element involved, but it there is no denying that the selfless attitude by the team's biggest stars plays an important role in it all.

Usually, players as good as Steph, Klay, or Durant would be completely in control of their teams. They'd be helping make the front-office decisions, and have complete have control over the offense on the court as well. It would revolve almost entirely around them.

Interestingly enough, when you put these guys together, they all give a little so the other guys can get a little. It's perfect. Literally.

This season, all of the Warrior's big-three of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant are averaging 19.7 shot attempts per game. Again, considering how dominating these three are on offense, to have them literally even as far as taking shots is truly remarkable.

What's perhaps even more amazing, is that none of these guys are wasting their chances, either. Klay is averaging 22.7 points per game on 45% shooting and 36% from 3. And yes, that scoring output is a career high for him. Meanwhile, Durant is averaging 28.8 on 51% shooting, proving once again that he should be in the conversation for MVP. And, of course, there's Curry. The 3-point shooting legend is seeing averages of 30.1 points and 5.8 assists on 51.3% shooting.

Point is, the Warriors have found a way to get all of their stars thriving at the same time, while still rolling like a ball club.

With Kevin Durant and Thompson facing some serious questions about their future in Golden State, it'll be up to them to decide if this ideal situation is something they are willing to let go.

Until then, let's just enjoy what we're seeing.